when ppl are racist they are self serving.

sometimes racist person wants to better the condition of his or her race and is called a hero for it but when racism was the impulse that drove them to do such a thing as opposed to good will they're are just doing it for self serving purposes and wouldn't care what happened to the race so long as whatever feelin 'helping their race' was found elsewhere.

I therefore don't trust these ppl. Like Jesse Jackson. He seems to care more about black ppl being bettered under his name then black ppl being bettered and when obama came along he got mad and was skeptical from day one

same with sharpton.

same with the nation of islam.

no race is excluded from these 'types'.

I've come to find every pro black person on wucorp is the same. Stylemaster recently made an angry thread to mods about the hilarious Niggermania Ad.

But if someone called ME niggermania, or someone else he doesn't favor of, he wouldn't complain, and such things have happened time and time again.

what i like about MLK was he truely was concerned for the betterment of humanity and knew racism was hold us all back. He helped black ppl cause they were the most in need of his services and being black it makes more sense. He was acting not out of a hate for white ppl that always stems from a hatred of yourself in comparison to white ppl because you hold them on a higher pedestal, but instead on true goodwill and a want to see a better world.

so yeah, you can't say your pro-black and all your disses against me are racist.

-The National Youth Committee for Poppin Gen Chats with Games and Fun Threads.