Looking at this style's pirate inspired halloween pic...

....You can surely guess that style is a half-cast and either his mom or pops is white. I think thats were his problem lies in trusting white people cos the white parent probably fucked him over, inonno.

So do you think -

A) Black Father & White Mother

This could be the case but it's usually the man doing the runner so i think not...

B) White Father & Black Mother

I'd go for B cos i still stay the man usually bunks so style would have been left with his strong black mother to raise him and train him to hate all whites cos his pops was a bastard, maybe not, who cares cos I'm too blunted anywho

Plus if style was fully white he'd easily suit working in a car boot sale selling pirate merchandise or showing off his parrott collection to lil kiddies -