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Thread: S.o.s lyrical genius in distress

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    Default S.o.s lyrical genius in distress

    When devils strike and day turns to night,
    Inner light shines and repels the darkness in my life.
    Bitches come to me and try to harness,
    I'm tryin to live in this world without spreadin carnage,
    But dimes try and drop me like enemies wit twin glocks.
    They make me bust harder than automatic shots,
    Roll up smoother than dick when it hits the G spot.
    Watch as this bitch gets cocked like my tech 9,
    Watch her spit on me as if she was recitin my rhyme
    Her old man thinks he can faze me by standing before me.
    Tryin to stand between me and my seed,
    Na see itís like when you got the blunt wrap and a pound of weed.
    Hit him wit more than just poisonous darts,
    Dark arts, loadíem up ,groceries in a shopping cart.
    Try and catch me in the infant aisle but see me at home depot stackin tile.
    My tongue stretches for miles, stand 356 away from shorty,
    Still get my tongue in their ear, One glare
    Causes fear and terror in the mid section.
    Donít come to me lookin for affection when dropped into that change jar.
    Pancake ass donít cause no erection, got da gas but no wheels on the car.

    =If only I knew=
    =Shouldíve thought it through=

    Snakes rattlin and still hissin,
    Faith evans singin to me that Iíll be the one she missin.
    Then why am I the one she dissin? Each time I go by her man he cover up like he a agent on a mission.
    Maybe cuz her new man is my ex-bro,
    When its his turn to step to da mic Imma rip it accapella and not even hear the flow.
    Watch now as I swing swords fast and cut throats.
    Hitíem so hard make whitney Houston strike bad notes.
    Canít even flow so Iím gonna speak the truth,
    I spit fire, acid saliva melts my mouth and left on the mic is finger nails and my gold tooth.

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