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    any of you gays into them?

    dope shit. i first got into them like 5/6 years ago right around the time i started doing shrooms. they go fucking hand in hand. they have one song off of the album chocolate and cheese, its just an instrumental, i cant think of the name of it right now. but that is the quintessential definition of a song on drugs. that song is trippy as fuck.

    they got a bunch of albums spanning across many genres. even a country album that is still pretty dope. funny lyrics too. like off the wall shit.

    check em out if you havent heard of em.
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    Yeah, Ween are great.

    I only have a few of their albums, but each album has such a range of music.

    They could almost be a novelty band, were it not for the fact that every style they do is done with such seriousness and sincerity.

    Look at the first few tracks of Push th' Little Daisies, there is a Reggae track, a Punk track, some kind of Foreign Love track and then a stoner track, into Sky Cruiser which is some psychedelic electro thing.

    It goes on.

    I regret not seeing them live when they came here recently. Apparently their live shows go for about 2 or more hours, and encompass most of their catalog.

    They do some cool covers also.

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