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Thread: Kings of low-fi meet Wu-corp Army question

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    Default Kings of low-fi meet Wu-corp Army question

    this shit is so so so dope, i was wondering is there a version of this album with better sound q?????
    i d'loaded some shitty version from a FB page, i need this.....

    wisdom chamber and fist of the golden monkey are ill, techician is great on the mic, this is the first time i heard greek dude rapping.

    the guy/guys who did production is/are supertalented.

    watchout 4 black belt too.

    stylemaster is awesome too.

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    Go to the Audio Booth, or try the myspace page

    there are alot of talented artist/producers in there, heres the link i think you can

    http://www.myspace.com/wucorparmy - theres a banner Lords of the Lo Fi Meets Wu Corp Army on there

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