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Thread: HELP ME PLZ FIND Ten Fold

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    Default HELP ME PLZ FIND Ten Fold

    Sorry for off topic... i`m from russia... and i I can`t find Ten Fold...
    if some body know something about him send me message
    or if U \Ten Fold\ read this write me on ygbudka@yandex.ru
    From America to Russia! ))))
    to be not much off topic, if u intresting here my sampler for my 3rd album )))))

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    Default Re: HELP ME PLZ FIND Ten Fold

    why do you want to talk to ten fold LOL i'll tell him you want to talk to him, don't know from there

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    Default Re: HELP ME PLZ FIND Ten Fold

    cause i have track with Ten Fold ... he tell me what he don`t use internet cause he have not much time...only sometimes... and i have some Questiens to him... but he don`t answer on my email...i don`t know maybe something happend) and i want ask him to send me acapella on our track... to finished here in moscow this track...

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    Default Re: HELP ME PLZ FIND Ten Fold

    nobody can help me? (((

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