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Thread: pass the mic... cuz we dont want here that bullshit!!

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    Red face pass the mic... cuz we dont want here that bullshit!!


    feel that real quick! check out my channle on youtube zubloodkin with all the dope shit ...
    Brooklyn Zu album in stores now!!!!Chamber#9 verse 32.......
    classic hip hop !! GO BUY IT .shout to BROOKLYN ZU .
    Do remember Bronze Nazureth album mixtape
    Thoughts for food vol 1and 2... in stores go copp that..
    and look out for 60 second asassins NEW ALBUM DROPS 09..!
    cra-z-88z General/ Godzinc Officail Brooklyn Zu famkin ...
    making a change for myself to be somebody in this world!

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    Dope track

    i coped the Brooklyn Zu joint, i was feelin it, that Eat Ya Food track is bangin

    same with that Shut Ya Trap track

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    ^ Eat Ya Food had a stupid hook, I thought. Otherwise good tho. Cold World, Pass the Mic and Blood is Love were the best. Every bit as good as any other wu related songs from last year.

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