This is gonna be the sickest short movie ever. It is actually an extended version of the 30 sec commercial for Aphex Twins Drukqs album which can be found here:

The video begins with a doctor reassuring a visably disturbed Johnny, who seems to be asking for his mummy. When he gets violent, the doctor is forced to inject him with a calming sedative. The film then flips to the familiar Drukqs introduction and then proceeds to go crazy with Johnny dancing in his wheelchair, doing wheelies and tricks for the amusement of his dog, and transforming into a variety of nightmarish shapes, like a someone tipping a wheelbarrow full of butcher's shop scrapings, entrails and brains onto a window.
The DVD release is June 20th and comes with 42 paged book with drawings and photos.

Reviews can be found here: (score 10/10) (score 5/5)

The official site including a trailer can be found here: