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    Exclamation My Debut Album




    Title track of the album talkin' about don't let them fool you. Use your own brain and common sense. Just because someone or the majorty of people is believin' in or doin' something doesn't mean it's right or good. Make your own choices, take your live into your own hands, keep your third eye open. This was produced by my brother FACZYŃSKI, just like the rest of the album. Our DJ Dobry Dotyk put the cherry on top by adding the cuts at the end of the song. He did all the cuts and scratches on the LP. [MUK]


    The theme is basically the same as in the first joint. Just exposin’ fake shit we see everyday around us. Addressin’ politicians and all the bloodsuckers tryin’ to make a profit off of all of us. Most of us is too scared or too lazy to say something out loud about the bullshit, that surrounds us, so we’re basically the voice of the voiceless, unprivileged and poor. Our “Fight The Power” type of anthem. [MUK]

    O (O|ABOUT)

    Everybody loves good stories, so that’s just basically what we do right here, tellin’ two separate pretty dark stories about the evil that men do. As soon as I heard the beat I knew what to do. I wrote my verse in a few hours. I tell the story of a pedophile teacher, describin’ how he grew up being molested by his father and then he’s molesting his pupil in his adult life and he never gets caught, still working at an elementary school near you. FACZYŃSKI tells a story of a young couple, dude is cheating on his fiancé, so she seeks revenge. She gets intentionally infected with aids by her junkie friend and passes it to her boyfriend by having unprotected sex with him. [MUK]


    We had fun recording that one. The beat is just so positive, we had to balance the album out, so that it’s not too dark and depressive. Just talkin’ about love, peace and happiness right there. I’m describin’ a typical work-day, wakin’ up, goin’ to work (I’m a German Teacher), doin’ a class-test etc. FACZYŃSKI talkin’ ‘bout himself, his close-ones and his future plans and shit, straight up havin’ fun on this. Plus I was heavy into Marvin Gaye that time, still am, and wanted to pay homage some way, so I took the chorus from “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and flipped it into our hook for this one. Most of the choruses on the the album were written by me. My students love that one. [MUK]


    Loved the beat the first time I heard it, so basic and raw, perfect for straight up spittin’. Basically describin’ many ills and sicknesses plagin’ humanity and our planet. [MUK]


    Part of the album where we go for dolo. The first of two solo tracks on the LP. FACZYŃSKI flowin’ his ass off, droppin’ knowledge on this one. Paying homage to Harriet Thubman on the chorus. The beat was meant for my solo EP back in 2004/05, but it never happened, cause one: we came up with the idea to record this album back in 2005 and two: I liked it(the beat), but didn’t know what to do with it. So he took it, wrote the lyrics, laid it down and the rest is history. [MUK]


    My (MUK) solo joint. Originally the beat was different, but FACZYŃSKI came up with this baby right here and I fell in love with it. Wrote the first two verses in 2004, cause this was also supposed to be one of the tracks on my debut EP, but as I mentioned before, it never happened, so we decided to put it on the album. I added the third verse and chorus in 2006. Just givin’ a few jewels. The hook goes like “Don’t follow people blind/cause people always blunder/go your own way, no
    matter what they say”. Be you, no one else. [MUK]


    My favourite track on the album. Deepest song on the LP. I came up with the title first, inspired by the classic Rolling Stones song by the same name. We had no beat, no nothing, just that title. I wrote my verse to the Sunz Of Man/I AM “La Saga” beat. Greatest verse I’ve ever wrote, I’m curious if I’ll ever be capable of toppin’ this. This is like my “9th symphony” verse. 2 minutes of straight up droppin’ knowledge, usin’ simple, but meaningful lines and metaphors. This is a one take verse, we didn’t do no punch ins nor other bullshit, this and all the verses and hooks on the LP are recorded in one take. It says you’re the master of your destiny, depend on you, your talents and abilities, everything is up to you, not no mystery, no one else, it’s all in you… The hook goes like “Time is on my side/with it’s lapse it’s strenghtin everything my hands is building/Time is on my side/physical passing don’t mean that it’s also my end/Time is on my side/even in the future, when this planet’ll burn down or drown/Time will be on my side/Time is on my side/Time is on my side”. Plus it has a little 60ies/early 70ies flavour and we in love with that era, The Doors, the Beatles, Czesław Niemen and all the classic bands from that era – that’s our shit. [MUK]


    A little uptempo track. This is Wilson Pickett’s voice sampled in the beat. I love fast tracks/beats. You don’t hear them too often these days, that’s why I wanted to flow on this beat, plus I had a dope line, which didn’t fit in none of the other songs, but it was perfect for this one. I go in with it like: “Stoję w oknie z klamką w dłoni jak Malcolm”(I stand in the window with the handle(gat) in my hand like Malcolm”). Sayin’ stop lyin’ and say it to my face, cause I won’t stop tellin’ the truth, even though it might hurt. The chorus is inspired by the “Daytona 500” hook. Originally it had also an acapella sang by me intro similar to “Daytona”, but we took it off, cause although it was dope, it was too preachy. The name of the song was inspired by the classic Roman Polański flick by the same title. [MUK]


    That’s the one to just take you home and wrap it up. The chorus has a line that goes like “An empty stomach don’t want no revolution, only bread”. Sayin’ I’ma do what I gotta do to live right till I die. I tried to persuade FACZYŃSKI to take off his last verse, cause I thought the song would be too long, but right now I think it’s perfect. Some great metaphors and wordplay on this one. [MUK]
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