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Thread: This Is Hip Hop !!chi-king- Illa Bee-

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    Thumbs up This Is Hip Hop !!chi-king- Illa Bee-


    Brooklyn Zu album in stores now!!!!Chamber#9 verse 32.......
    classic hip hop !! GO BUY IT .shout to BROOKLYN ZU .
    Do remember Bronze Nazureth album mixtape
    Thoughts for food vol 1and 2... in stores go copp that..
    and look out for 60 second asassins NEW ALBUM DROPS 09..!
    cra-z-88z General/ Godzinc Officail Brooklyn Zu famkin ...
    making a change for myself to be somebody in this world!

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    Dope shit, also Good shit on that track with Caligula and 12 0' Clock. I posted it awhile back. Link is prolly down by now though.

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