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who is Brock?
stupid cunt

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saddest shit ever, if this BROCK then that mf cant say shit to me ever. EVER.
When have I ever said shit to you, stupid spic faggot.

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the size of this guy's mouth relative to the rest of his face is hilarious
stupid faggot
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so this is the face of Wu Tang Reviews?

go back to sucking off Zack Morris, stupid unfunny cunt, I got yer
D'Evils...right here
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These 2 pictures could both be of the same unfortunate-looking fellow.
says the stupid cunt who photoshops everybody's picture because he looks like a gargoyle, stay hidden Quasimoto retard.

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Transexual cunt

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yo, i been posted this doods pic,

this is rly him lmao
And you are a 700 pound piece of shit, end of story, stay failing.

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B-rock for the slow ones

very doughy lookin
another stupid cunt who bores the shit out of everybody. I call you cunt because you have no penis btw

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ahhhhh, and the biggest faggot of all, with your mock turtlenecks and man scarves, can't even post a real pic of me, gotta make shit up to keep up your lame profile. pathetic.

I have spoken....continue with your attempt at mockery, I am vaguely amused.