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Thread: Break This..........(it's S9 Duke)

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    Default Break This..........(it's S9 Duke)

    Straight off the dome the pen getís blazed openly fazed
    Leave you array of hope my dope be computer coded/
    Read cha mind through AIM you cannot bang or hang
    I got a section of 9, check the darts we combine like VOLTRON
    Any dart I spit be temporary tattoos that leave ya skin black and blue/
    View my through a limited microscope you canít see me or provoke me
    Iím hopefully the total package like ďLex LugarĒ coming wit so much swag it kills/
    You canít build wit a tech that shoots through bread, bags and groceries your holding
    Iím colder than any frozen food item you finding in your local ALDES/
    Spit cha brawn, my brain be a lexicon you cannot determine right away
    Iím a city boy never a suburban flower growing out of a pot/
    Iím cracked knuckles, Iím the chipped tooth
    I am rose that grew from concrete dare u not complete/
    I can delete cha like another pigment from ya skin
    Get cha the win, flip the sin, turn it into gin/
    You got kin, Iím invisible, invincible
    Youíre fragile, easily crushed and Iím hard to handle/
    You canít rompe, thump wit skills that never get bombed like pompe
    In any domain Iím romaine never roman you just a noodle out
    My strudel you couldnít kitten caboodle/
    Brutally honest I still polished as a can of varnish
    You cannot tarnish the destine weaponry complexes by any method/

    I got to break this MIND STATE IíM IN
    I got to break these CHAINS IíM IN
    I got to break LOOSE OF THIS CONTROL IíM IN
    I got to BREAK FREE!!!!!!!!!!

    Write cha way out this savage existence
    Never cold, or fooled just resisted wit words Iím heavenly gifted/
    Grace, taste the blood licked vapors in the airs particles
    You canít even get cha own team gassed, Iím just way past/
    My swag be fumes you zoom onto thinking you got me pegged
    I just stay in ďjet lagĒ mode and freaks you out so cold, you get froze/
    Throwing bows, emcees get broken ďsnot boxesĒ without locating ďDavey Jonesí lockerĒ
    Iím too hot to contain, to maintain before I go nuclear
    Your flow is going to have be done in triplicate/
    And double referenced you canít even type up the influence
    I came from let alone my essence/
    Donít even rep the squad I got to know Whers/Wera is....
    when Iím chopping it up wit a SHIZZAH over a Beautiful Rock,
    I never stop when I got Bronze Feet on/
    JUST TO SHIT (JTS) on you when I got Techknowlegist on my side
    During War and Peace, Iím a beast whenever a RAI of light comes down/
    And The Lord of Chaos displays odds most rippers couldnít endure
    So when I procure darts, they hold sharp as a scalpel, accurate as a rifle/
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    dope shit

    thanks for the shoutout, and nice use of everybodies names


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