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Thread: The Age Of The Rhymin' Hero

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    Default The Age Of The Rhymin' Hero featuring Bronze Feet

    Sheepish Locs as Kazuku Rider Skull

    You can’t write cha mind but cha mask is my skin
    I guess I cannot take it off when I’m mutated like such/
    Charcoal grey dead in May clover field
    I heard detonation didn’t cha see shell casings/
    Openly wasted, cans of paint on the ground, smelted iron
    Found hammers pressed ready to steel grips holding hollow tips/
    Saw those talons rip, I jumped in to action looking like a piece of crap
    Just a “Ace of clubs” on my jack saw the faces of the public look “SHOCKED”/
    Doped up hold up the citizen says am I seeing a thing is that…..a”Super Sentai Trooper”
    The other person says NO! He’s a “Kamen Rider” and they both sake they head/
    Shades of “Red”, “Gold” and a “Grayish Black” wit metallic armor
    You cannot strike a target, without getting bombarded wit “MARROW”
    So hot he shoots spikes out his body, now just fall back before I strike/
    The hapless citizen asks what they call man? They call “Kazuku Rider Skull”
    Hold the red rum dilated cha pupils, my peoples be lethal when they get impaled/
    Ill villains get crushed by stakes, vamps can’t eat cake they eat Bloody Marys
    I jimmy hoes from they clutches, you should a seen me rush in bust 50 e’m/
    Bladed up wit “bone stakes” coming out of every where, shingle suckers
    Couldn’t get it quicker than them lazy cloners trying to bone her/
    I swooped in wit gas pellets dropped it down silent watching me
    Work is like going to surgery without any “ANESTHESIA” in e’m/
    Solider on I beckon wit no signal son, I monitor the bandwidths
    Gifted wit a fix on “blood banks” and monasteries’ that didn’t shake too well/
    Soul control, openly domed Negro please I’ll “PUT A SPIKE THROUGH YA NOSE”
    I used to be a public speaker, until I “BUSTED A MOVE”,
    Literally didn’t even NOTICE, until I saw the person bleeding/
    And me getting read my rights plus I was a mutated freak
    Getting placed in solicitude, with nothing but “MARROW & ROOM”/
    Once I got my walking papers 8 months later I fashioned a plan
    Got a call from a group of MONKS, asked me if I wanted to train wit them/
    I obliviously thought about it diligently, and said “YES! I CAN” like Obama man/
    Stood in the monetary interestingly it was labeled “SN9” found out I was….
    Ask to join their hero ranks, saw people with BRONZE FEET & Chaotic Means/
    Didn’t think nothing over because I was drafted like a piece of cabbage on a diner plate
    Trained for a solid two years progressed through the ranks til I was blessed with/
    Choosing my own name in which made me think in sanctum how noble I felt
    So I situated in solace for days until I came up wit The Noble Rider aka Kazuku/
    Stood up from the wet ground as I stood on the roof top ready to ride my bike
    Into the moonlit night, strapped my helmet on with mask and all covering my face/
    Screaming into the clouds, crowds and those I haven’t endowed yet wit my presence

    This the Age of the Rhyming Hero never a zero
    just super as they come when Bronze n Chaos
    link up we bring villians to they knees wit ease

    Bronze as Telepathic Stranger

    Telepathic the ways i invade your persanl space is graphic
    create noises of static, blurred vision feel the wrath of these tactics
    delve into the minds of psychopathics
    and leave they ass kicked, couldnt identify the attackers intent
    i walk pass and leave a trail that smell like incense
    brainwaves fluxuate intense
    sub sonic the Richter scales bends, good deeds we intend
    crimes we prevent, savoirs of souls who repent
    sent from out of loops in time
    to this planet, and impacted harder then a comet into granite
    first words was "God Damnit, this place looks worse"
    new metropolis looks like a new acropolis
    and crime pays because criminals are heartless
    keep my eyes open like a sonar disc
    emit clicks and beeps, that you cant even hear or see
    make you think you have become who you wanted to be
    let me introduce myself Im Bronze Feet
    aka the Telepathic Stranger
    without moving his hands, kintecally strangles ya
    endanger if i speak out one of my commands
    contort and twist, that shit wont get you nothing
    but a fat lip from high kicks
    plus with my mind i can throw bricks, if i choose
    i dont lift a finger, to get your ass whipped
    the new harbinger of death
    the epitome of everything thats left
    these skills we perfect, your thoughts i intercept
    times froze like VCR flashes twelve, reset
    no blades eject, no armour to deflect
    ancient S9 secrets we protect
    kept in the mausoleum
    stored for only divine eye seeing
    an order of extinguished heros and beings
    masters of there artistry, dwelling in an ice fortress
    with dope poetry, i can make the ice flow at ease
    or sustain it at the high degrees
    thus is the extent of my telepathy
    and dont get played out by these phonies
    waitin for so called emcees to start acting like grown men G
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    Yo big ups to my own shit lol

    peace Sheepish, ill shit dope idea you came up with, had fun with this

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    Yeah i think this is a dope entry in the temple, i wish people would respone if they viewed it though

    props 2 you bronze, i liked cha joint

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