I had the day off but still figured I'd get a couple things done for work. No one else was home. I had a decent breakfast, watched the weather forecast and decided to start cleaning the bathroom since it looked like hell. I was all pissed cuz I ran out of Pinesol.

So I decided I was gonna go to the store and buy some cleaning products. I go take a shit.

5 minutes into the shit...

I hear our dogs knock something over. Sounded like a broom falling over and smacking the floor. Thats all that triggered it. Next I heard a blood curdling yelping. Like some horror movie shit. I got off the pot in under 30 seconds, exploded out the door and went into a fucking rage trying to break up a fight between our massive rotweiler and the largest pitbull.

They've gotten into it before, but never this bad. Chunks of flesh are missing from the each of their face. I tried beating them with a wooden cane, wooden bar stool, my fists, and feet but nothing fazed them or STOPPED them. Can't even put into text the crazy cowboy-hogtie manuver I used to get the pit out the door onto the deck. Not only did my finger get slashed wide open but one of the dogs locked onto my ankle for a second and sunk his fangs in. Now Ive got a swollen left hand and blood all over my pumas.

Blood on my Pumas

This is the last fucking straw. These two dickhead dogs are going to the refuge or 6 ft deep. I dont own the ones that fought so I hope the people I live with make the right choice. Let me remind u all this is the second time this has happened. They've been raised by good people and havent had any issues up until last July.

Am I sane for getting between these two animals?