ah, all the old heads, this is the memories thread for you, could also be used as a "where is he now?" thread

remember froth? the somewhat purple god and his obsession with mayos sister? the fued with the black gawd samurai was hillarious too, droppin knowledge on us pale devils

what about noels obsession with anna kournikova? crazy shrimp eating austrailian!

and was it zigzag that got sonned by neb about the deapitations? that kid was funny

remember cno pretending to go out with killah bee honey? lol and faking loads of wu news? he was a cool kid though

the mastas obsession with wu, like he knew all their birthdays and shit

what about frenchshin calling defenders 'defensors' in the football threads

shit was funny here back in the day, heats "Are Progerians aliens?" thread is probably the best of all time!