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Thread: Power of the Mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by STYLE View Post
    i was thinking about this in the sleep thread.

    okay imagine there was a way to watch someones dream in real time.

    the sleeping person has a dream that spans a whole day but in reality was only about 6 hrs.

    wouldn't the observer see things moving at 4x the speed?

    does that mean that we can process information that fast or faster?

    could you watch a movie on fast forward?

    You have to dream or you go nuts - Yet nobody knows much about them.

    Dreams are my favourite physcological area - the reason dreams seem to only go for a short time is that - you will only dream once you have entered R.E.M. which takes an hour or so & your memory is not the same as it is in waking life.

    You only remember the end of your dream session and depending on how you wake up you may not remember it all, like if your body slowly wakes (it can take upto 30 minutes - your brain the last thing to "wake" - if it doesnt wake last you should get sleep paralysis) you wont remember, if your gently woken - the best way - like a alarm that slowly gets louder you should have a good chance but if your alarm is quick and loud your brain will "jump into gear" quick and start thinking about what you have to do that day totaly forgetting the wonderfull dream you just had

    the best time to dream is when you can sleep in, when you wake up then fall back asleep for another nap. you should always remember that dream, an initial nap wont get you deep enough to dream

    i could type for hours on dreams - but if you want to talk on the power of the mind: what the fuck is happening with placebo's ? its all i need to believe in P.E.A.C.E.
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