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nah, Redman still spits crazy, the style is a bit different, but Red must go down in history being one of the funniest dudes on the mic for more than 15 years

as for Method Man, 4:21 was better lyrically than Tical 0, but still not that much. Meth is one of the laziest rappers when comes to writing, and also, what happened to his verses like NYC Everything? .... :/
yet method man feels like home to me. i just love his whole rappin shit his voice and style and shit[no homo], its so dope. for me, i would really like a ghostface or meth album, ghost always comes out with solid releases and meth doesn't dissapoint[except for tical 0].

if i had to pick, inspectah deck or ugod will be da choice for the members i wouldn't hear a album from, most of both their solo stuff is weak with a few exceptions, but ugod's mixtape was bangin so who knows.