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Thread: Cappadonna - The Pillage

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    CLASSIC. id rather listen to this then a lot of the killa bee albums. they ain't bad, but this shit is crazy. Why can't he have a nice flow like this on other people's tracks?

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    beat wise this album is flawless and pump up your fist always get's me hype

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    Dart Throwing, Supa Ninjaz are classic Wu posse tracks.

    Run and Young Hearts are my favourites.

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    1.Slang Editorial
    Ok this is the intro track right here. A nice Kung Fu sample from “Masked Avengers” is really great. Beat is just right on here and Cappadonna opens it up letting you know that this is some new flavor you bout to taste “I came to the fork in the road and went straight” you know the albums gonna be something new just from that line. 4 dope verses over a nice beat.

    The last verse is my favorite.
    Donna journalistic, writin wizard
    Protect my soul when the devil tried to get it

    Seen my goal and stuck with it, ever since a kid, early in a bid
    Doin things you never did,
    all up in a staircase
    A scared face was lookin,
    wallet got tooken
    Free from the work release Donna kept bookin
    Brooklyn bound, with the sound, hoppin turnstyles
    50 cents to kick it, oh it’s so wicked
    Wu-Tang is Wu-York, hell up in the period
    Tabernacles catch fire within the apple
    Tabernacles catch fire within the apple

    One of my people told me what that last line meant but I forgot. That last verse he just breaks down his story and it’s clear as day but still rugged. This is a Wu-Classic joint right here. 5/5

    2.The Pillage
    This beat on here is hard True did his thing for sure. The “Masked Avengers” skit accompanies this track well because they Pillaging on that joint. Killa Bamz (Solomon Childs) comes in with fire on here.

    “Floatin through the village, trapped and designed to shine pillageGone between the thug and the conAs for the father reborn, captive in the mindMind blind and captive, all fare be interactive”

    That line right there explains so much. They fighting for this shit, people are lost out here. That line expresses a lot. He went in on that one. The beat is still knocking on this one as well. Cappadonna definitely came through on here he comes in Pillaging with the opening lines, another favorite from him on here is “No commercial, I teach those I reach those” just letting people know he’s bringing the realness to the mic. His whole last set of bars just describes The Pillage. 5/5

    This track is a classic. “Masked Avengers” again fits perfectly. This song is for everyone who do what they doing (ya’ll know). Rza laced up a classic beat on here. I feel this song a lot, I’ve been chased before and a lot of people in my family do things they shouldn’t, I think of them every time this track comes on. Cappadonna just gives you visuals on here, I can imagine him getting chased by cops.

    “hang jump from the fire escape, I made it drop the clip,
    fingerprints all on it, ah, fuck those bullets
    I'm losin my pants, I advance in my speed, succeed in my travel
    dance on em, and ah, fuck the whip, make my heart skip
    caught up in the drug traffic, I astounded, surrounded by the outfit
    one twentieth tried to knock my whole click”

    The visual right there is crazy. He went in on it. Cappa did his thing on this one without a question. Video is great as well. This is pure street gritty shit right here. The second verse is my Favorite

    “Between two cars we park, pepper got sparked
    in the dark heads scramble at the six ooh
    spys lookin at you, one, two, o, lookin too
    how you roll what you stole, let me see you gold
    nah, fuck you, if you wasn't a cop I might bust you, I don't trust you
    coppers lust over my crew, forget a curfew
    we gather in the plaza to jerk through
    3-60 with the crime waves, modern day slave, 1st-1 to peel, it's not real
    plant that, as a matter of fact, we crashin down
    us against brown, run fast like you ran track
    never look back, push the Acc on the sidewalk
    crash, toss the heat and tear ass
    zig zag till you reach your stash”

    That shit is crazy right there I love the visual being brought to the table. Real heads definitely feel this shit. This is a classic. 5/5

    Blood on Blood War
    This is a cool joint right here, the beat is just right. Cappa’s first verse is on some other shit. But the first verse goes with the title of the track, this is some battle shit for sure. I would call the first verse a warm up cause he kind of sounds all over. He definitely went in on the second verse I must say.

    “All I need, is ten big bags of weed
    Fifteen acres of land so I could breathe
    Money like Dusty, props like Leon
    Throw darts at you if the heat's ever on Split you with the .45 caliber rap
    Beat y'all down with shit that sound fat
    Call 911, you still can't score
    You and your dueler ain't prepared for the war
    Yeah, you got heat but we got C4
    Plus we got villains that's watching your doo
    Hunchback shy kids, brothered ya heart
    V.G.L., F.M.F., the Vam Squad

    Terrorize y'all from every direction
    Call up Hot 97 for protection
    Cappadonna, from the Wu-Tang Clan
    Spotted last night in the all black van
    Coming down the block with guns out the window

    Licking shots off every time wind blow
    My class come first, I verse to represent
    Killa Beez linger in the air like incense

    Intense action, speed of a satellite, insight
    Sight snakes from afar
    Ajar, one side of a 2 faced bar
    Project star, CD hackers
    Supreme rapper, with the baseball cap I attack fatal on the track”

    Bamz on the hook is nice too. This is a solid track right here. 4/5

    5.Supa Ninjaz

    This track right here is a nice posse cut. U-God & Meth? You know its bout go down Park hill style on here. U-God starts this joint off crazy if you not into his dartz by now then you lost, he comes correct. One of his 5 star verses delivered. Method Man is my favorite on here
    “Nightvision unseen, like Jean when I hackman the unforgiven”
    LOL Meth ripped that shit his whole verse is a quotable I only took out 1 dart to show mercy. You can tell he was in his T2 mode on this one. Cappadonna ends it off great with his final touches. He just goes in and comes out on here. True Master laced this one up crazy. Classic Wu posse cut. 5/5

    This is one of my favorite joints on this album. Cappadonna’s verses on here are so abstact but vivid. MCF is a great term because niggaz don’t think. His grimey street dartz on here are crazy. First verse is a nice start to the track
    “Black solidarity day, arrest sentence
    Looking at the moon he starts his coming soon
    High like my man cmon give me the fame
    His flame is so bright, open up your life
    Let me swim with your feelings
    I love yall to death get married to my song
    I prolong, nigga, my style is real strong
    Plus I stay dipped like the first day of school
    Blood pool kid with the low cut fade My darts is number one,
    playtime is over

    Black October, my debt still correct Revised and updated from the old temple Big Pens is Tai Chi
    Head crack shit my brains is Jet Li
    Put away your weapons its Master MC
    One hundred skills if you ever try to fuck me”

    “Plus I stay dipped like first day of school” That was Ill you know how niggaz do when they coming back to school on the first day lol. I always got fresh. That verse is so nice right there. “I love ya’ll to death get married to my song” Cappa is smooth on this one no doubt. The beat alone is hard hitting but kind of smooth. Second verse just describes the M.C.F. streetlife

    “War up in the projects watch out for Ted
    Hearse get your first, too late, no para-med
    Dark Park Hill day, cold and sour
    Its only Staten Island that represent the power
    God body we stand, unite, kid, right
    With the excellent beam of light, so stand still
    Hold your breath, the late homicide hill
    Before the big gates, everything was chill
    SHAOLIN, its like Hurricane Kim
    SUUU, you better beware, we comin in
    Original, yeah its the kid from back then
    To all the pussy niggas that be tryin to pretend
    MCF Killa Beez, son what, you gotta problem
    Deja vu, 45 slug that escalates Dont perpetrate,
    hip hop is mine
    Find something else, words is dealt, quarterly
    In a orderly fashion, thrashin, black mamma javelins

    Travellin, once again dun, try to comprehend
    Catch a split end”

    Those last lines I highlighted were nicely put together by Cappa. He’s not playing no games. “Hip-Hop is mine find something else” That line alone just shatters niggaz dreams and he shows it on here

    7.Splish Splash
    A nice short one right here, beat is nice on here, Cappadonna is just spitting some dartz out the book on here, it’s plain and simple if you know what I mean. My favorite line is the last one “Birthday rap style come on make a wish” that was some ill clever shit right there. This is a great track. 4.5/5

    Ok. Where the hell do I start with this track. The Dartz on here are so abstract and there are so many things going on, you WILL get lost on here


    “Yo, my whole body like a spoiler kid, draped in the latest hits
    Both hands, two glass cutters, cops'll alter this
    Cream of Wheat steez pushed back, we in a spaceship
    like the Jetsons, ashtray slide refreshments
    Automatic bubble yo, straight off the Benz
    Dac double Daniel unrockable fam milk the same yo
    Fuck you, Duel of the Iron, Tony win a Oscar
    Legendary rah, wicked Phantom of the Opera
    Blow fish the movie's over, die with a slow kiss
    Tongue kiss the neck and it's, mucus from a locust
    Stand on fly, Mel-a-chi is on standby
    The Y chromosome with the X I multiply yo”

    WTF? I don’t even know what to say. The lines on here are Ill and Gully. This nigga said “Cream of Wheat Steez Pushed back, we in a spaceship like the jetsons, astray slide refreshments” That shit was ill as fuck. HOLD UP! I didn’t even get to his other verse:

    “Dove nights Mary Jane bitches Bud Light

    Co-production rightz spoke to Christ, use woolight light

    Statueheads all up in my lab like mad
    Empty bags are lyin in the yard, well fed
    Dead weight yo, came with the clamp around the neck

    Sucrets fast Corvettes, tecs on my rest
    Sabotage, rap motor large, Mickey caught a charge
    Credit card scam, when he crime rock the Wu scarf

    Fuck yeah, televise the shit on Fox
    Big Ghost'll grab the gem and un-fasten your box'
    You're allergic to the fungus on Earth, Killer Bee

    Headquarters is worth, Khadafi body in his turf

    Yo, shame on, all y'all niggaz on some Baywatch shit
    Soundin like me, suckin my dick

    Pretty Tone, long live the great Cappadon”

    I need help with that one. Niggaz commiting crimes and speaking to Christ in one verse lol. Classic Ghostface.
    Ghost went off on both verse but it wouldn’t be fare not to post a Cappa verse.

    “as I get it on I'ma take time to wait for y'all niggaz to stop
    It ain't enough room for y'all cats to sound chop
    In a class by myself I hold the foundation
    Face to face, I make my affiliation
    short and brief, I make out with the looseleaf
    In the struggle, ten years after the beef
    I choose to come forth then pronounce my sin
    if it's not the felonies or the color of my skin
    I'ma keep switchin my gear, again and again
    From the trainin camp I drive past V.I.N.
    It be Wu-Wear for life, my team is top billin
    More sacrifices, create better livin
    My darts came to save the world like Blue Ribbon
    Protect seeds, and protect black women
    Raised in the Pillage right now we just driftin
    Ferry boat niggaz make a whole lotta difference
    Drama, if you slackin up in the business

    Godly from the Group Home always got biscuits”

    This joint wasn’t as crazy as Ghost but it was still on some shit. Cappa’s verse was Straight Street. Look at the last line highlighted. LOL he still ready to blast niggaz. Another Classic. 5/5

    Milk The Cow

    This is kind of a slow down from the other tracks. Cappadonna spills out his hunger on this one though. Method Man is on the hook and supplies the track with the extra push to keep you from skipping it. Pretty solid. 4/5

    10.South of The Border
    This is straight gritty, the beat is nice especially the changes on the second verse. Cappadonna goes in on that streetlife on here man, it’s just real as fuck how could you not feel it. My second verse is my favorite

    “Mysteries revolve around my unorthodox sound

    Splash you, I'm still the best in town

    Striving for Perfection wit my new rap investment

    My testament, my own apartment
    Donna come preparin.. more time is spent wise
    Chambers of the Orient franchise, we fat like thighs
    Too much french fries, not enough shake

    RZA blow orchestra earthquake, no said date

    Me and Bobby Steels got a cabin near Crystal Lake

    Industry bug outs hit Madison Square house

    Roll the red rug out
    I'm loyal to the Clan, dedicated to the South
    South of the Border”

    So much ill shit to decipher in that verse, first line tells you he’s taking over this shit aiming for the top. My favorite line is “Me and Bobby Steels got a Cabin near crystal lake” that shit is nice for some reason, he just throws you off course for a second with that one. Ill dartz being delivered on here. 5/5

    11.Check For A Nigga
    The beat on here just gets me in a nice vibe and I play this one like crazy. Cappadonna is just keeping it real on here, Check for him that’s basically the message, the rhymes on here are ill. He says some nice shit then throws you off. He’s definitely painting pictures in this verse right here. 5/5

    “Straight from the heritage, public announcers
    Ounces of darts, he fucked you over
    I stole ya heart, so just in case
    you forgot about the face, flash that camera
    at the all-time great, slight paranoid

    Fuck toys consistent, fluent slang pediment

    It's the magnificent, first album
    Hot tracks on the sipper, low flame deliver
    Defense like a Giant, it's the Son of Pslam giver

    Masterpiece in the making, Asian
    African Egyptian Jamaican
    Swordplay from the deep isolation, whattup cousin?
    Have a drink on the house, I blow mics out
    This man is on fire, fully developed
    dance with the organizer, chance meT
    ap into my Wu pedigree, numba three chamber
    Second in the cunt, it's the Black Lone Ranger
    Cat in the Hat, fresh clothes on the hanger
    The Last Man Standing with the vest and the banger
    Desperate to delegate, peep me on the Magnavox
    channel Fox, telecommunicate
    Match money like socks, summertime style
    Thunderstorm, vocabulary anonymous
    kid extra Caligula, poetry in particular”

    Dart Throwing
    Another Wu-Posse Cut. Raekwon is in his Prime around this time his verse is just flat out flawless, he’s just tossing Dartz out the pad onto the mic on here. Nothing else I can really say.Method Man came crazy on here too:

    “I dig my life experiences, wrap it up
    in twelve inches, keepin my defenses
    Put it up in raw trenches, holdin court on the park benches
    In the ghetto servin life sentence

    Mass confusion in New York, on these city sidewalks
    Busy sidewalks, there's no snoozin
    Stop actin like it's me losin, peep my modern day
    Pompei on city streets
    the Sun pack heatin Hell's Kitchen,
    time to get money finger itchin
    Once again plot thicken, and you succumb
    to the will of the slum bite your tongue
    Burn a bush with the Iron Lung, pay dirt to no one
    Guilty by association, stank bitch
    wanna give me some, nappy nasty -- I pass
    Let them players flash, and trick on they cash
    on your funky ass I only buy shit that last
    A lifetime I write rhyme, chippin through
    the pipeline then it's flight time, that's when I'm jetty
    in a fifty-seven Chevy, gassed on my own Getti
    Head heavy, with deadly medleys”

    The part I highlighted was mad nice, Meth kept it real with those dartz and brought some heat. He definitely did some damage on this one. Cappadonna’s verse on here is REALLY on some other shit, it might take me some time to analyze that one. His flow is choppy on that one too. “Shit on ya brain wipe my ass with the phenomenoms” was some ill shit though. 4.5/5

    13.Young Hearts
    This is basically some break up shit right here, I don’t really need to get too deep on here. (I hope not) This is actually a solid track for what it is. 4/5

    14.Everything is Everything
    Probably my 2nd Favorite joint on the album next to “Run” The hook on here explains it all and Cappadonna just runs with that shit. Beat have you zoning out for a minute, I remember I usually skipped this one. I like the last verse, he just isolates himself for a minute and just thinks about himself. Shoutout 2 cent at the end was raw. I’m definitely feeling what he brings to the table. Especially this dish.

    “I'm all alone, I feel trouble in the street
    City heats, ghetto beefs, trick or treat
    Call Chief, mad beef with MC's
    Entity, Killa Beez one machine
    Intervene, on scene self esteem
    We gleam at night, it seems like
    we too hype, hop y'all like checkers
    Projec-ers, we break laws, get yours
    We break jaws reunite, we upright
    It's alright, out of sight, out of mind
    It take time I develop, heads swell up

    Shut the hell up, add on, you been warned
    Mics get torn in half, I drop math
    Don't laugh, a bloodbath with this here

    Rap Shakespeare, beware, Donna-mite

    Brown skin with the satellite, I represent
    Buckwild in street life like 2 Cent”

    “Everything that you see ain’t reality, they just illusions” 5/5.

    Pump up Your Fist
    This joint should’ve been called “Test Your Might” that’s exactly what it is. Just like Mortal Kombat you testing yourself seeing how you much wood/steel you can break and when you do great you get a nice applause. That what this track does, it’s like a Dart exercise and they tryna hit the targets, and you hear the claps in the background. Solomon does a pretty good job with his verse, nothing too hype but good enough, he missed the bull’s-eye by an inch on this one. But Tekitha hit it on this one. I did not know she could bring this shit to the table, she comes in flowing nicely and just goes in from there, you forget all about the first verse

    “The art confusin and amusin, tranfusion I'm bruisin
    Optical illusions dilutin my blade
    Tongue blade of fury, merciful leery weary
    Terry fear me, clearly the pearl drops
    Time stops, culture a shock
    Shockwave deprave ghetto kids dollars made done lunch

    Out to crunch much rhyme food

    My light reflect the jewel

    My life control the cruise, ten deadly touches too
    Rip the dutchess move, swing
    Rough to touch if you wanna see philosophy in crutches
    Then just believe in the T
    Truth Equal King Islam Truth Her Allah
    Tekitha, bust a cipher on the god
    Bust a cipher on the god”

    This verse was nicely constructed. She goes in spitting some vivid shit, then the next couple lines are straight gully “Ghetto kids……..Food” Then she breaks it down for ya’ll clowns who swear ya’ll know the language. Just look what I did to the letters. You Analyze it. Cappadonna’s verse is all over the place on here. It’s like a Dart collage. He just copied and pasted different lines from different pages in his book and put them on one page and got in the booth. I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about on this one. Some of it sounds good then some it sounds out of place. He goes from a nice battle style with the opening bars , then he loses it “Tameek Shameek ain’t nothing sweet………………….Once again it’s the all time great” you get lost during that whole time frame. The beat is flames on here. Cappa missed the target LOL. 4.5/5(Beat alone gets this song a 4)

    Black Boy
    A nice fresh track right here, this is like a good day type shit. Cappa comes right on here there’s no doubt about it. Beat is some fresh shit. The Kung-Fu sample at the end is mad nice I don’t know where it from but it just gives a twist to what you though might be a good ending…enter the Ying and The Yang…. 4.5/5

    Beats – 4.5/5
    Lyrics – 4.5/5
    Overall – 4.5/5

    This was a great debut by Cappadonna, around this time you’re wondering why isn’t he in the clan. The beats on here are crazy and perfect for his style, the guests on the album all drop classic verses. Cappa has a fresh style and brings it on this one no doubt. ****Overall 4.5/5 certified Wu-Classic****
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    Great review Hollow, you really went all out.

    "I pledge allegiance to the hip hop"
    Method Man

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    its an average album to me, had its banger in oh donna, millk the cow, slang editorial and black boy, other than that it puts me to sleep.

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    Thanks alot.

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    Dope review Hollow.The Pillage is one of my fav Wu albums. Cappa really impressed me with that debute. I'm proud of you. Care for some candy coated butterflies??? lol

    "One arm bandit..stab companions with intricate sentences...battle crews single- handed..with cannons that blow you from here to other planets."

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    LOL what? LOL I think I know.

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    Nice review Hollow

    I kinda dont agree with your stance on Milk The Cow. The beat alone for me gives it atleast a 4.5/5. Add the perfect element of Capp and Meth and its a 5/5

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    Quote Originally Posted by 11th Chamber View Post
    Nice review Hollow

    I kinda dont agree with your stance on Milk The Cow. The beat alone for me gives it atleast a 4.5/5. Add the perfect element of Capp and Meth and its a 5/5
    yeah pillage is dope milk this cow and everything is everything are dope .


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    Ones again, dope review Hollow. Especially South of Border!!

    Keep it up fam...


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    Thanks alot for the feedback, I had to go in cause I got exams next week so I won't be reviewing for awhile...

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    I remember buying this near the beggining of my Wu-Tang fandom, I had bought up and exhausted all of my local record store's Wu releases and Whilst in there desperatley hoping for more Wu-Tang material I recognised Cappadonna from my precious Ironman CD and went for it. It became a much played and loved CD. Great music. full stop.
    "What is the meanin' of crime? is it Criminals Robbin Innocent Muthafuckaz Everytime?"

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    Release Date: March 1998

    01 : Slang Editorial 4/5 - Great intro, but not better than...
    02 : Pillage ft. Killa Bamz 5/5 WU BANGA - Awesome song
    03 : Run 4.5/5
    04 : Blood On Blood War 4
    05 : Supa Ninjaz ft. U-God & Method Man 5/5 - WU BANGA
    06 : MCF 4.5/5
    07 : Splish Splash 4.5
    08 : Oh-Donna ft. Ghostface Killah 4
    09 : Milk The Cow ft. Method Man 4
    10 : South Of The Border 4/5
    11 : Check For A Nigga 5/5 WU BANGA
    12 : Dart Throwing ft. Raekwon & Method Man 5/5 WU BANGA
    13 : Young Hearts 4.5
    14 : Everything Is Everything ft. Rhyme Recca 5/5 WU BANGA
    15 : Pump Your Fist ft. Killa Bamz & Tekitha 5/5 WU BANGA
    16 : Black Boy ft. Tekitha 5/5 WU BANGA

    Classic, production is incredible

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