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Thread: And the Best Ghost verse is...

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    Nutmeg for Ghost's style

    His best is All That I Got Is You though

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    I'm going to add Stand Up w/ Charli Baltimore & Oh Donna to the list!

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    Too many songs to choose from *head explodes*

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    like ive been saying for years on this site all Ghosts best verses are on The W. Jah world, icant go to sleep, all of em.

    If you thnk oterwise youre a fagmaster general

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    like ive been saying for years on this site all Ghosts best verses are on The W. Jah world, icant go to sleep, all of em.

    If you thnk oterwise youre a fagmaster general
    Yeah I agree but I thing that was Ghost's peak 99 - 01 First his verse in "In Stereo"... "Tyson but Holified ear, we love the sport" then Supreme Clientel then The W. He tore an asshole on every other general in the W album. Merked everyone. Hallow bones verse was Nasty! or in I cant go to sleep " Smile u on candid camera"

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    I think the easier question would be what's his wackest verse...
    Ghost got so many crazy verses.

    investigative reports
    back in the day(iron flag album)

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    LOL at a ghost fan saying the W was his best work... fuck you... ill take wu tang forever/supreme clientele/OB4CL any day..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkdude View Post
    LOL at a ghost fan saying the W was his best work... fuck you... ill take wu tang forever/supreme clientele/OB4CL any day..
    that was a bit harsh.

    why cant we all just get along for once

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    bunch of lyrics

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    because you called me a fagmaster general

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    i did, that was wrong.

    but dont stoop to my level, im a mess

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    Yo, god, show these niggas how we get deep, down, and dirty
    Like Keyon, got his wig pushed back,
    Yo they gotta hit
    Placed on my head, what should the god do?
    Max out in Spain and do business with the Jews
    Never that
    Them never look angry out of synch
    The imperial, industrial king got weight
    Don't give a fuck
    Like the poor part, we watch Heart To Heart
    They used to push me in shuffel cards
    Now I'm writing books like Ebinezzer
    The porno teaser
    Sayin words like sheeba
    Educated rapper fouling the teaser
    My team got rocks like Six Flags, plus the Wu lab
    Cameras in nine bedrooms we own tags
    Don't touch this
    Cracklin hot shit
    I snap ya shoulder blade in half,
    Laugh, and pop shit
    Reader's Digest, passed my book to L. Ron Hubbard
    Got bagged that the world government tried to dub it
    But devils love it
    Movie trap raps cover the tracks
    Like Ajax
    Sharper than cuts laced on hardly scratched supreme clientel
    My cartel
    Willie Star passed,
    Shit his piece, where's the Nobel?
    Oh, well,
    Siginin off as usual,
    The arsonist, leavin niggas lost in the stairwell
    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    I didn't like the first Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and i don't know why Wu Tang fans call it a classic because it's not.
    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    I say nigga and i'm white
    Quote Originally Posted by IrOnMaN View Post
    I've heard that straight men date transsexuals. That doesn't make men gay.

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    Ghostface is super rapper. Just super.

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    I'm gonna go with I Can't Go to Sleep. Soooo many to choose from though. Ghost is my fav outta the Wu.

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    Yo bitch I fucked your friend, yeah you stank hoe
    I seen her on the elevator, honey grabbed my Kangol
    She put me on to mega-shit, bout to slap the bitch
    She shot crazy verbal, I leaned back like I'm rich
    It took place late night on February 17th
    Hands flooded like ink, my face on her magazine
    Just got back from Honolulu, pockets stackin boucoup cash
    Girlfriend sipped the Yoo-hoo and laughed, yo
    While I was on tour, whore, you went to work
    Quick fast, had a nigga dick in the dirt
    You couldn't wait just to kidnap the bait of my sperm
    Where's you at, hoe? 'Pinky house, she put in my perm'
    That's all you ever said to me, thought that could hold me
    Remember when I long-dicked you and broke your ovary?
    You crab bitch, chickenhead hoe, eatin' heros
    I'm the first nigga that had you watchin flicks by DeNiro
    You gained crazy points, baby, just bein with God
    Taught you how to eat the right foods, fast, and don't eat lard
    I gave you earth lessons, I came to you as a blessin
    You didn't do the knowledge what the God was manifestin
    You sneaky fuck bitch, your ways and actions told it all
    I fucked you while you was bleedin, held you down in malls
    Sexually you worshipped my di-dick like a cross
    I had you fiend out, broke out, for a month you fell off
    You was my main shit, my peeps showed you love on the strength
    You saw how I got down, the way I thought had you tranked
    But you had to fuck this rasta-head ass nigga
    I shoulda slapped ya but the Gods said chilllllllll
    That's your wiz fault, god, handle that in the lab"
    I'm wonderin how many times your hot ass got stabbed
    You dumb bitch, horny hot fuck from out the mountains
    Your clientele is low hoe, catch you next show, bro
    I got jerked, gave away my pussy, that shit hurt
    It feel like somebody died or shot your old Earth
    But fuck it, I fucked you on a chair with three legs
    Broken tables, had you screamin while you was bitin on my cables
    Whistlin to the washing machine, I threw it on spin
    If your pussy dry, spit on my dick and put it in
    My dick's the bomb baby, marvelous hot steak
    Plus I'm conceited Starks make the biggest so-called rape
    I'm God, cipher divine love my pussy real fine
    That means clean the FDS smell with a shine
    Word up, respect that hoe

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