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Thread: And the Best Ghost verse is...

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    you just reminded me I wanted to make a thread on February 17th about it being February 17th, and that we should all lean back like were rich and put our faces on magazines and all the nerd convention shit

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    John W. Henry
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    Scientific, my hand kissed it
    Robotic let's think optimistic
    You probably missed it, watch me dolly dick it
    Scotty watty cop it to me, big microphone hippie
    Hit Poughkepsie crispy chicken verbs
    throw up a stone richie
    Chop the O, sprinkle a lil' snow inside a Optimo
    Swing the John McEnroe, rap rock'n'roll
    Tidy Bowl, gung-ho pro, Starsky with the gumsole
    Hit the rump slow, parole kids, live Rapunzel
    but Ton' stizzy really high, the vivid laser eye guide
    Jump in the Harley ride, Clarks I freak a lemon pie
    I'm bout it, bout it - Lord forgive me, Ms. Sally shouted
    Tracey got shot in the face, my house was overcrowded
    You fake cats done heard it first
    On how I shitted on your turf
    at times, Cuban Link verse yo
    Check out the rap kingpin, summertime fine jewelry drippin
    Face in the box, I seen your ear twitchin
    As soon as I drove off, Cap' came to
    me with three sawed-offs
    Give one to Rae', let's season they broth
    Lightning rod fever heaters, knock-kneeder Sheeba for hiva
    Diva got rocked from the receiver bleeder
    Portfolio, lookin fancy in the pantry
    My man got bigger dimes son, your shit is scampi
    Base that, throw what's in your mouth, don't waste that
    See Ghost lampin in the throne with King Tut hat
    Straight off

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    ^unfortunately half of thats thats a Superb verse.

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    John W. Henry
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    oh well... it makes less sense then a warcloud verse... but i love it.

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    i dont know that for sure, im estimating. i also dont like people who use the word 'estimating'. just say guessing you fucking faggot. what makes your guesses more important or relevent than the next guy. your either gueesing or your not.

    theyre not as bad as those who say "guesstimate" though. fuck. who would say that in a real life scenario?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BONERFARM JERKERWRISTS View Post
    Yo, god, show these niggas how we get deep, down, and dirty
    Like Keyon, got his wig pushed back,
    Yo they gotta hit
    Placed on my head, what should the god do?
    Max out in Spain and do business with the Jews
    Never that
    Them never look angry out of synch
    The imperial, industrial king got weight
    Don't give a fuck
    Like the poor part, we watch Heart To Heart
    They used to push me in shuffel cards
    Now I'm writing books like Ebinezzer
    The porno teaser
    Sayin words like sheeba
    Educated rapper fouling the teaser
    My team got rocks like Six Flags, plus the Wu lab
    Cameras in nine bedrooms we own tags
    Don't touch this
    Cracklin hot shit
    I snap ya shoulder blade in half,
    Laugh, and pop shit
    Reader's Digest, passed my book to L. Ron Hubbard
    Got bagged that the world government tried to dub it
    But devils love it
    Movie trap raps cover the tracks
    Like Ajax
    Sharper than cuts laced on hardly scratched supreme clientel
    My cartel
    Willie Star passed,
    Shit his piece, where's the Nobel?
    Oh, well,
    Siginin off as usual,
    The arsonist, leavin niggas lost in the stairwell
    I love that verse... I remeber whe nI heard that beat on Iron man and that verse... Amazing! Definetly one of his best verse... The beat is so sick and right after comes in Assassination day... I love the intro from Usual Suspects

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    "Da Mystery Of Chessboxin" or "Bring Da Ruckus"
    I rip it hardcore, like porno-flick bitches
    I roll with groups of ghetto bastards with biscuits
    Check it, my method on the microphone's bangin
    Wu-Tang slang'll leave your headpiece hangin........

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    Charlie Brown
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