when im too smoked thats my favourite selectha wu songs to listen smokin mo n mo weed

thug war of wu syndicate

1st things 1st of gp wu

gots like cmon thru of buddha monk odb drunkendragon

good night of rza

cold world of genius

blessed are thoze of killah priest

outside tha box of popa chief

message of popa chief

darm the beat (instrumental) of THE KING OF KINGS G -CLEFF THA MAD KOMPOSA

pistachio of cappadonna feat loungle lo king just ( that is the best song from his last lp , anothes songs sounds weak. that cappadonna have me disgusted \/\/

fuck you(steel valley mix) of dialekt tha assasin

red hook day of shabbaz tha disciple

problemz of WU-TANG CLAN

let it rain of raekwon

take ya time of hell razah

matrymony of myalansky

never again of remedy

if u only knew of gp wu
(nowadays gp wu simply has one good singer pop da brown, rubbabanz still making wannabe records and june lva still dissapear )

the cup of moongod allah
thiz guy probably if had followed more active wit moonlight records and not making shit to cilvaring allah would be one of the biggest

\/\/ \/\/

blablabla whateva u want blablabla