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    Most of the beats dosn't got any vocal over it, coz I can't rap, so they in a pretty raw state with very little mixing. I haven't used any samples at all for the beats I made with Fl Studio 5, I created all the shit myself and keept it pretty simple(mainly coz I'm still pretty new to the program) give me some feedback of wot im doin wrong and how to improve, or why you like it (if thats the case )...cheers


    If anyone who raps but dosn't produce themself like one of my beats, we can hook something up.

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    my advice, leave fl alone and stick to samples unless you using it for add on's or drums, because the melodies are terrible.

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    Has fl got a sampler you can load your own multi-samples into?, I guess it probably will do, try gettin' some better sounding bass hits and piano hits and then play them in, that bass guitar sample in particular gets tired real quick, I like some of the melodies tho', just some of the samples sound real fake.

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