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Thread: Remember why we LOVE JESUS, Wu-Tang, & Hip Hop!

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    Lightbulb Remember why we LOVE JESUS, Wu-Tang, & Hip Hop!


    Remember why you LOVE Hip Hop Soooo Much! It's not for the money, notoriety, fame, or influence (necessarily)! It's because EVERYONE no matter what Creed, Nationality, Race, Gender, or RELIGION has a Voice! JESUS IS Described as BEING THE WORD OF GOD! Wu-tang Would agree that one of the most POWERFUL Weapons we have as Creation is our Tongue! We are made after the Similitude and in The Image of CHRIST! Our Words, and the Answer from our tongues was Placed there from JEHOVAH GOD HIMSELF (not Shawn carter JZ).

    With this in mind, we have relinquished on the globe 3 Ground-Breaking cd's with many (GOD WILLING) more to come.

    2005's 'maCmoses: A New Path' - Apple itunes
    2007's 'maCmoses: From Israel to DC' - itunes
    2008's 'JESUS SAVES: Let's Face It!' - itunes

    The GOSPEL of JESUS WISDOM CHRIST Began in Jerusalem and has spread throughout all Creation. Hip Hop began in the Bronx of New York and has spread throughout this entire Globe! That's ONE REASON 'We LOVE Hip Hop'. GOD Bless.


    JESUS CHRIST, O.D.B. (Our Dear Brethren), and Wu-Tang FOREVER! PEACE!

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    You WhyliN

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