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Thread: Beans Don't Burn On The Grill

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    HAHA I did something similar at my last place I lived.

    I had a pan with left over pasta residue I didnt wanna spend a 1/2 hour scraping so I added a little water and put the pot on the burner in hopes of loosening it up. I zoned out reading something on my computer and the place looked like it was on fire.

    I ruined the pot.

    Burned the carpet in the hallway of the apartment building (shouldve thrown the pot out in the driveway)

    And froze my ass off for about an hour airing the apartment out.

    I got charged for the burn mark on 15 year old carpet when moving out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    aare those nelly lyrics based in any kind of interpolation of any kind of historical musical foundation or culture of any kind?
    of course

    george and weezy

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    oh yeah thats i knu it was sommet like that but im tweeded

    plus we didnt get that show where i live

    but i still love calling people a sherman helmsley regardless

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