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Thread: Myalansky interview bout his last release Drastic Measurez(wuinternational.com)

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    Default Myalansky interview bout his last release Drastic Measurez(wuinternational.com)

    Wu-International: Peace Mya, how are you?
    Myalansky: Peace. I'm good.

    Wu-International: Please introduce yourself to fans on site who might not know you?
    Myalansky: Myalansky the name from the group Wu-Syndicate.

    Wu-International: What was it about the real gangster Meyer Lansky that you liked?
    Myalansky: He was one of the brains behind the mob.

    Wu-International: Any other names or aliases you go by?
    Myalansky: No, not really.

    Wu-International: What made you pick up the mic?
    Myalansky: The world around me needed a voice.

    Wu-International: Where you a solo act or in another group before The Syndicate?
    Myalansky: I was solo.

    Wu-International: Please give us a brief history of how the Syndicates came about and how you met Joe Mafia and Napoleon?
    Myalansky: I came up with the name of the group when I was locked up, Joe Mafia and Napoleon was in group called Hell Raiser, when I came home, we formed Crime Syndicate.

    Wu-International: Seems you had a name for yourself before the Wu affiliation? How did you get initiated to the Wu-Tang family and then Wu-Tang records?
    Myalansky: politics, right place at right time.

    Wu-International: “Where was heaven” is a classic by the way, do you know how well it was received by the fans?
    Myalansky: It did its thing

    Wu-International: It was a surprise the group released an album way before some of the Killa Beez and even generals that were there before you all, was there any reasons yours came out quicker?
    Myalansky: Priority was feeling our demo, RZA loved it, Priority cut Rza the check and it was on.

    Wu-International: After the album, a dispute between the group and Wu-tang records was rumoured to have happened, could you please shed more light on this?
    Myalansky: No comment

    Wu-International: Ok, that's fine, how about the name, word is that Wu-Syndicates the name and group is still under contract with RZA/Diggs publishing?
    Myalansky: That's true to some extent

    Wu-International: So what is your current relationship with The RZA then?
    Myalansky: It's all love

    Wu-International: And the rest of the Clan members or affiliates?
    Myalansky: I got love for the whole family

    Wu-International: Can fans expect collabo on songs in future then with Clan and Beez?
    Myalansky: No question

    Wu-International: You were locked up at some point, how did you keep yourself busy?
    Myalansky: I was puttin together a blue print to prosper once I make my exit.

    Wu-International: Since your exit all we heard of was the mixtape "The Syndicate Is Back" where can fans buy or obtain the CD from?
    Myalansky: It was a limited promotional release, so it is currently out.

    Wu-International: So when can the fans expect another Syndicate album?
    Myalansky: When they cut the check.

    Wu-International: The group is just you and Joe Mafia, was there any reason why Napoleon has not been involved on your projects?
    Myalansky: No particularly reason, he doing his own thing

    Wu-International: The fans would love to see that chemistry the 3 of you had on your debut album again, what would yuo say your current relationship is with Napoleon?
    Myalansky: It's all good, love is love

    Wu-International: How many songs deep are you on your solo album "Drastic Measure"?
    Myalansky: 12 so far

    Wu-International: Why is the album called Drastic Measures?
    Myalansky: Cuz it's ugly out here, the things a nigga gotta do to provide

    Wu-International: What's the featured guest list like?
    Myalansky: Stay tuned

    Wu-International: Independently or via a major?
    Myalansky: Independently

    Wu-International: Please tell us more about your new single, why do you have various versions of it?
    Myalansky: No particular reason, just politics.

    Wu-International: Where can the fans buy the single from?
    Myalansky: On iTunes as well as on CD at http://cdbaby.com/cd/myalansky

    Wu-International: Was there anyone you wanted on the album that has not happened yet?
    Myalansky: No

    Wu-International: Speaking of which, Your classic debut album had DJ Devastator on most of the beats, can we expect more of that magic now or in future?
    Myalansky: No question, its love

    Wu-International: How would you say you have developed in your style, lyrics and subject matter since you first came out?
    Myalansky: My concepts are more dangerous, hooks are more deadly, wait til the album drops.

    Wu-International: Your new songs have a more huskier voice, whats up with that?
    Myalansky: Its just a more matured Myalansky

    Wu-International: You are sick with the flows and rhymes, how do you approach a song?
    Myalansky: I let the music tell the story

    Wu-International: “Where was heaven” is an all time classic and still one of my personal favourites, what inspired you to write such heart felt joint?
    Myalansky: Things we were going through and went through, early 90s was crazy, u heard?

    Wu-International: Was there any reason you ended up doing that joint solo without Joe or Napoleon?
    Myalansky: Nah, my lyrics sealed the package

    Wu-International: The chemistry between you and Joe Mafia is comparable to Ghost & Rae or another of my favourites, Darkim Be Allah & Allahwise, what is a typical Syndicate recording session like and do you ever disagree creatively with Joe?
    Myalansky: of course, naturally we have our differences, but its still Syndicates all the same

    Wu-International: Thanks, ok, your Wu affiliation, a curse or a blessing?
    Myalansky: Cant complain, Rza and Divine gave me my first plate of food in this music industry.

    Wu-International: What's your thoughts about the internet wrangles going on between Wu-Tang clan members and affiliates these days?
    Myalansky: It's none of my business, I do me.

    Wu-International: VA got Syndicates, The Clipse, Mad Skillz and so on, what’s your take on the hip-hop scene in VA?
    Myalansky: I'm the official voice of VA

    Wu-International: Cool, is there any thing you would like to share with the fans that has not been covered already, any shout outs etc?
    Myalansky: Much respect to your network, without the fans I would have no questions to answer, it was my pleasure, stay tuned for more.

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    Good read. glad they're back. but the 1st lp was 3.9/5 mics at best, not no fuckin'

    A wise man told me don't argue with fools
    cause people from a distance can't tell who is who
    - Jay-Z

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    That's from november last year!!

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    ye talking bout his last release
    and ???
    stop post stupid things
    and go wank wit perfecta

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