Little somethin, Haven't been on in a while....

Hip hop, J-P Lotus,
Talk about the boy say he hard as boulders
Take the rap game, put it on my shoulders
Only for a minute cause I carry lots of boulders
Wanna go to war, better call the soldiers
Cause Iím nice from long range,
Even better closed quarters
Word to life, smoke trees by the quarter
Itís the end of the month, gotta meet my quota
Itís the end of the month and them bills come in order
Fives Tens and ones like I need a money sorter
Stress got me trippin, need to get me a quarter
From New York to Cali or even the border
Skunk or home, but I really like my water
Mouth is dry dry need a sip of water
Run to the store, gotta grab me a soda
Got rhymes piled up, stash em in a folder
More vocab than internet explorer
And yo, I been ready since I was born
Lock down the game, take it by storm
See me on internet forums
Kinda like porn downloaded in college dorms
Thatís right, Iím the truth
Smackin runs home like Babe Ruth
Frontin on me see you back in Beirut
Or in a casket when I squeeze triggers to shoot
Itís so sickening like Katrina victims running the loot
Or worse yet Bush making photography shoots
Somebody should of gave him the boot
Now we got the gulf, gas and New Orleans to boot