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Thread: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

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    Default GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    Okay i couldn't resist downloading it now that it's been ripped. I haven't bothered to review a album song by song ever since No Said Date, but this album is just so incredible!
    Here you go:
    01. Opening
    This is a nice intro, that sums up the relationship between muggs and the wu. The background beat is dope, and the last skit is dope too. Great intro really.
    02. Those That's Bout It
    Okay, the first track. You'll prolly heard it, it's a nice track, gza is sick and the beat is good. But with this being said, this is the weakest track on the album, for real! crazy isn't it?
    03. Destruction Of A Guard (Pop, Pop, Pop) Feat. RZA(intro) & Raekwon (Chorus)
    WU BANGER! Lovely lovely track, amazing beat and lyrics! This couldn't be better. I love this shit so much, muggs swicthes the beat up a bit and Rae has a nice chorus
    04. Exploitation Of Mistakes
    WOW! AGAIN a dope beat, and a crazy story by gza, only thing im missing a bit is some more pressence by the gza, but actually it fits the story pretty well. what can i say? crazy shit!
    05. General Principles
    Goddamn this could be str8 off liquid swordz! amazing track, and gza murders it "a small fried nigga in a baked potato world" lovely he's chopping heads like in the old days and i cant describe how great this beat is! SICK SICK shit!
    06. Advance Pawns (Royal) feat. RZA, Raekwon
    OMG! Muggs keeps amazing me, i think i once said that the only thing that could ruin this album was if muggs didn't deliver, obviously he DID! Sick beat once again. And all 3 emcees is on top of their game...once again i have to ask what more can you ask for?? CRAZY!
    07. Queen's Gambit (NFL)
    damn, this is something only gza can do! a love song where he mentions all kinds of NFL's related shit. The beat isn't really as great as the first ones, but again it fits the story very well, and it's still really great. I love this song, the whole idea and shit is just crazy.
    08. All In Together feat. ODB(Intro), RZA(Chorus)
    you prolly heard this. it's another wu banger, and it's a lovely tribute to odb. R.I.P...once again, SICK shit!
    09. Unstoppable Threats (Hip-Hop) feat. P-Sunn, Masta Killa
    yet another wu banger, with some great featurings, Killa steals the show "ninjaman blending in with the surroundings" =D> . superb track
    10. Unprotected Pieces (Game Face)
    crazy beat, really hyping you up to go kill someone , but somehow it gets a bit boring after a while. but it's not anything serious, cous again gza murders it. good track!
    11. Illusory Protection (War Drumz)
    dammit, someone pinch me!!! this shit cant be from 2005?? It sounds exactly like a track from liquid swordz! seriously. this track is amazing! fucking sick shit, gza once again totally murders this amazing beat. maaan, this sick sick shit.
    12. Smothered Mate
    nice track to close this amazing album. yet again the beat and lyrics are on another level than what you hear these days. great track.
    "we make music from the hearts, not for the charts" that shit gave me chills.
    To sum it up, this is not just the best album this year, it's most likely the best album, since?? hmm i dont even know, but this is the best wu album since supreme clientele for sure, only no said date could compete with that. this may sound like im all hyped up and just went nuts while writing this, but seriously this album amazes me on so many levels. The beats Muggs provided for this, is vintage crazy dopness like i havn't heard it on this side of the milinium, the diversity of the beats are absolutely superb, and gza once again shows that he is one of the best EVER to grab a mic, i can't believe how dope he is on this album. also the chess concept, the featurings and well the fact the this album actually happend, and im sitting here listening to it now give this shit a 10/10 rating for sure.
    everybody who just heard of the wu should purchase this album, this shit is str8 outta 95.
    im a very very very happy man right now.
    ps. this album makes u-god's album sound like macho man's album. wow he must shit himself when he hears this album.

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    he says baked potato world.

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    thanx for the review.. people drop some more please

    i wanna read some reactions until i wait til the 25th of october when i get it
    1st king

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by The Transporter
    he says baked potato world.
    oh yeah, just a misprint...

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    ......you are making it very hard

    but i will hold out and let the other songs be a surprise when i finally buy it

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    btw, SMOTHERED MATE is my SHIT!!!!

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    oh also, Illusory Protection is like I Gotcha Back Pt. 2, he does the chorus the same exact way but just different words "the G.O.D., the G.O.D." = "it's about to be... a catastrophe".

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by The Transporter
    oh also, Illusory Protection is like I Gotcha Back Pt. 2, he does the chorus the same exact way but just different words "the G.O.D., the G.O.D." = "it's about to be... a catastrophe".
    exactly, also the beat is str8 off liquid swordz, the song is simply too good

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    4.5 Mics upon first listen...

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    01- Opening : Intro. */10

    02- Those Thats Bout It : Classic wu shit. Remind me beat from the wu elements, typical 98' shit ! I love it ! 7/10

    03- Destruction Of A Guard Ft.Raek : Man....Just another perfect beat for me, remind me the scary hours from wu forever ! It's the track of the LP ! 9/10

    04- Exploitation Of Mistakes : Nice beat, nice flow from GZA. Just the track you never think gza can do, his flow is so calm, it's just a very very nice track to smoke one' before you sleep. 8/10

    05- General Principles : My least favourite track from this LP. Not bad, not really a banger. Just a good track but something is missing. A better snare maybe ? 6/10

    06- Advanced Pawns : BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGA ! Really a powerful track, RZA came real nice. Raekwon too ! 8.5/10

    07- Queens Gambit : typical beat who don't make you scream to the first listen. But it's the shit you can listen for years and years, you will never be bored by this one. This shit smell like a 95-96' beat era. Lyrics are really tight ! Another classik track ! 9/10

    08- All In Together : The single ! It's really a great track ! The beat is insane ! 8/10

    09- Unstopable Treats : Not so great. But a good track overall. 6.5/10

    10- Unprotected Pieces : WAOUHHHHHHHHhh ! Real aggressive shit here ! The violin is so hard ! Man this track rules ! 8/10

    11- Illusory Protection : Grimey shit here ! U need to listen this shit over and over to like it but after that, it's just real nice ! 7/10

    12- Smothered Mate : Well what can i say ? It's just another great track ! The hook is nice wit the vocal sample. 7/10

    Overall : 8/10.

    You can think 8/10 is low but i'm not a groupie ! And 8/10 is for me excellent ! No said date was 5/10 in my opinion, and legend of liquid sword (a good LP) 6/10. Grandmasters is an instant classik, i just hope it will stay the same with the time.

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    best album for 2005...hands down...what a breath of fresh air...


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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    yo Emissary, is that you in the picture next to GZA? looks nice

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    It brings me great pleasure to read great reviews. I might buy several copies of this hahah

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    Wu-Tang Corp Admin Mark Mayoya

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    Default Re: GZA & Muggs - Grandmasters Review Thread

    thanks for the reviews an i seriously sooooooooooo cant wait till i run to the shops an buy this shit its gonna be AMAZINGGGGGGG

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