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Thread: Lounge Lo- Simpstonian Institute

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    Default Lounge Lo- Simpstonian Institute

    01: Poupon
    02: Blockstars ft. Trife Da God
    03: Ladies
    04: Fallen Soldiers ft. Carlton Fisk & Dr. Armor a/k/a Dark Skinned Assassin
    05: Hot Times ft. Solomon Childs
    06: No Spanish ft. Flood
    07: Lingerin
    08: Mami
    09: Never Heard of Ya ft. J-Beastie
    10: The Problem
    11: OG's ft. E-Rose, Kolossoul
    12: Trap House ft. Desert Eagle and Crunch Lo
    13: Lo Runner
    14: Bonus Track - R.I.P.
    15: Regardless of the Situation
    16: Put Our Crowns Together ft. Squeegie-O, E-Rose, Bklyn Pop, General Gemz
    17: Step the Fuck Back ft. Black Boogs & Hue-Hefner
    18: True Life ft. J-Beastie
    19: Why Ya'll Talkin' Shit

    Production by Elite, The Higher Concept, Shorttre 140, Mental Instruments

    Dope debut album by Capadonna's brother Lounge Lo.

    top 5 tracks

    Hot times
    Block stars
    fallen soldiers

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    yup, nice album. best tracks Fallen Soldiers & Hot Times

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