Peace to all the true hip hop lovers holding it down on Gen Chat... Today is the release of one of our very own... Sinapse. The album is featuring production from some of the finest Wucorp producers including myself, GameofDeath, Complex, 7thgrandmantis and more. Its an official product and well worth it... you can check out all the information on the text below. His myspace page has snippets of the double album, so check it out if you have the chance, and if you are feeling it then dont hesitate to cop.



Message from Sinapse:

Peace to the Corp

I really appreciate all the love and support from ya'll since I joined and now all my efforts in music have materialized into the album "Re-Evolution"

Cop @

Complete album samplers up in the myspace player - snippets of every track on both discs.

The album is available for purchase in Hard Copy (see pics below) and also in mp3
-12$ including shipping in US for hardcopy
**Contact me if you international**
-5$ for mp3 album
-PayPal preferred (can work out other options, contact me)

All the purchasing info is up on the page, as you will see there - for now if you are international and interested in buying, please contact me.

I'm really looking forward to the feedback on the album....PEACE


Tracklist with production credits:

Disc One
1. Vagabond (High Def)
2. Re-evolution (Complex)
3. A Dream (Clymax)
4. Negativity Brings Failure feat. Fortune (Schizo-Manic)
5. No Sunshine (Schizo-Manic)
6. Awake (Schizo-Manic)
7. Exercise Caution (12weLvE)
8. Transcendental feat. Weapon X (12weLvE)
9. In The Night (Complex)
10. Sin's Prophecy (Complex)
11. Machine Gun Poetry (Schizo-Manic)
12. Far Away feat. Fortune (Lex)
13. Life Of Lessons (Nemonic)
14. Renewed Vows (12weLvE)

Disc Two
1. Hard Rocks (Game of Death)
2. Front Door (DC Entel)
3. The Knife (Schizo-Manic)
4. Diction (High Def)
5. Virtuous Vice (DC Entel)
6. Creative Differences (Nemonic)
7. Hotwire (Complex)
8. Warrior Music (High Def)
9. Red Snow feat. 3MD (High Def)
10. Potion Freestyle (12weLvE)
11. Contra Commercialism (7th Grand)
12. Brain Training (7th Grand)

Pics of actual product: