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Thread: [NEW] Schacronz(C.C.F) Interview

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    Default [NEW] Schacronz(C.C.F) Interview

    Interview Date: 10th. March. 2009

    Conducted By: Dark 7 Invader

    Special thanks to ShaCronz for the interview


    C.C.F Division is not a name that goes unnoticed especially within the Wu insignia, consisting of Free Murda, ShaCronz and Terra Tory the group were slowly introduced but heavily used on Popa Wu’s “Visions Of The 10th Chamber” in 2000 and then went on to feature on numerous Wu-Tang projects along side heavy weights such as Ghostface Killah, The RZA, LA The Darkman and so on.

    The affiliation with Wu goes beyond music as its thicker than water with the bloodline, ShaCronz and Free are both brothers and sons to the legendary mentor to and father figure to
    the clan members, Popa Wu, as well as being cousins to the foundation of the clan, GZA/Genius, The RZA and Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

    The group has paid its due with their guest spots and have gained a string of fans worldwide and as part of the next generation Wu, each member of CCF Division are beginning to step forward outside the shadows of the Wu to showcase their individuality to the world. Free Murda released a debut album in 2007, and in 2009, ShaCronz is gearing up for his own release which hosts production from The Wu Elements such as RZA, True Master, Mathematics and features collaboration from both the clan members and Killa Beez alike. ShaCronz has been has been honing his vigorous, party-inducing flow in the housing projects of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. While every rapper claims to be "changing the game," ShaCronz is literally making good music, moves and adding on to the next chapter as covered on this exclusive interview conducted by Wu-Tang International.

    Wu-Int would like to say thanks first and foremost for agreeing to do this and taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

    Wu-International: What's good Cronz?
    ShaCronz: Looking good

    Wu-International: Popa Wu as a father, the Rza, Gza/Genius and Ol’ Dirty Bastard are said to be you cousins, can you please confirm how you are related to all of them?
    ShaCronz: Yes that’s correct; we all share the same grandmother.

    Wu-International: So how does Flava Flav fit into the picture?
    ShaCronz: Flava's my mom’s cousin.

    Wu-International: Interesting, Flava's also Timbo King's cousin and you both share same surmanes. You got a group with your brother Free, how did it all start for you?
    ShaCronz: I’ve been rappin’ since 90, me and free got serious about it in 96

    Wu-International: Can you please break down cuffie crime family (CCF) division for those who don’t know?
    ShaCronz: CCF consists of me, free, and Terra Tory, and Brooklyn Zoo. Da Division is just me, Free and Terra Tory.

    Wu-International: Had no clue Bkyln Zu were part of the collective? How did Division come about?
    ShaCronz: After Wu-tang and its members then came the Killa Beez especially after Sunz of Man and being around all that, it made us believe we can do it as well.

    Wu-International: I remember Popa Wu saying in an interview that CCF Division goes beyond just the 3 of you, and there are other lesser known members, how large is this collective?
    ShaCronz: Well for now, Shacronz, Free Murda and Terra Tory are da representation of CCF, we are like the forerunners' even though they are others behind the scene.

    Wu-International: Is Terra Tory the same as Jet Black?
    ShaCronz: Yes, Jet Black is the same as Terra Tory.

    Wu-International: Sha Cronz or Shacronz?
    ShaCronz: It’s Shacronz

    Wu-International: Why has the group never released anything commercially?
    ShaCronz: We have been searchin’ for da rite deal; we have kids and big families you know.

    Wu-International: “Pjs”, “Back in the dayz” etc were released on digital recordings around 2003, was an album completed for that label?
    ShaCronz: No, those were just singles we put out to get the buzz going then

    Wu-International: So what is the current situation of the group in terms of a label situation or album release?
    ShaCronz: There are no labels; we are just creating our own situation for now.

    Wu-International: You must have a stack of songs or archives, what are the chances of ever releasing some of these exclusives?
    ShaCronz: We are collecting them now, check it out on youtube, myspace and under Wu-Tang in forums.

    Wu-International: On “the vision of the 10th chamber” album, ccf were said to appear courtesy of starks enterprise, what happend with that?
    ShaCronz: No, it was just free who had an independent situation wit Starks enterprise then, u know family showing luv

    Wu-International: Free Murda seems to be the most vocal member of the group, any reason why and is he the leader of the group?
    ShaCronz: No he is not the leader, but he’s da fore front, da most vivid, on point, young witty lyricist of our time and his time.

    Wu-International: So it appears you are working on a solo album yourself now, any particular reasons why you have decided to release a solo project, and why now?
    ShaCronz: Yes to let people c me for me not thru da affiliation of Wu-Tang or CCF, all due respect as its family, Plus I’m older than the other members so my story is a little bit different.

    Wu-International: How is the album going, who are the guests features and producers on there?
    ShaCronz: It’s going good, thanks; I’m blessed to have the opportunity to focus on me and my views. I have productions from The RZA, Allah Maths, Tru Master and my in house producer Venom Da God. I have collabos wit all the Wu members, my Killa Bee fam, n’ people out side of Da Clan.

    Wu-International: Any working title for now?
    ShaCronz: No, no name yet, still in working progress.

    Wu-International: The RZA executively produced Free’s debut album, how involved is he on your project?
    ShaCronz: He is definitely involved, but I have more creative control cus my history is a little bit deeper and only I can show da product and what directions I’m tryin to take it to.

    Wu-International: What label is this project coming out from, indie or major?
    ShaCronz: Independent, but in talks wit Koch rite now.

    Wu-International: Popa Wu was not that involved on Free’s release, how involved is he on yours?
    ShaCronz: Well his iz my father, so naturally he is very much involved.

    Wu-International: What topics, concepts will be covered on this album?
    ShaCronz: My life growing up in da 80’s, da ghetto, luxury livin’, u know da ups and downs of life

    Wu-International: How close are you to completing this album?
    ShaCronz: Very close, I am just waiting for a situation dat benefits me and my fam, bu also I am lookin to release da album soon az possible.

    Wu-International: You have a snippet banger with Raekwon on your page, what’s the title of that song called?
    ShaCronz: It's untitled as of now, dat song’s not really finished, waitin on Ghost and Meth to complete it.

    Wu-International: That’s whats up, what are your favourite songs so far off the album?
    ShaCronz: I have a song called “what’s up” and “Show me what u workin wit” that I like a lot.

    Wu-International: Looking forward to the album, where you not supposed to drop a mixtape in January?
    ShaCronz: It was pushed back for due to drop anytime soon, be on the look out for that.
    Wu-International: How often are you online and what is your view of the marriage of hip-hop and the internet?
    ShaCronz: I’m online now most of the time, its great because it creates a wider audience and new ways to communicate and share music.

    Wu-International: More history about you, you are not from Staten Island are you?
    ShaCronz: No, I am from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York.

    Wu-International: As an artist, who would you say are your influences musically?
    ShaCronz: Jay z, Puffy and Master P

    Wu-International: What music or artist are you currently feeling or listening to at this very moment?
    ShaCronz: Young jeezy, Fabolous, and Jadakiss

    Wu-International: Any other projects you are working on outside of your music that you would like to share with us?
    ShaCronz: Yes, Popa Wu’s next album as well as going on tour wit Raekwon..

    Wu-International: So whats next for Shacronz after the album in 2009?
    ShaCronz: Motivating to da next level in my life which iz success, creatin great music for every one that likes hip-hop and music.

    Wu-International: Thanks, what would Cronz be doing if not in the rap game?
    ShaCronz: In da streets or owning my own store.

    Wu-International: Division are considered 2nd generation of Wu, how has being an affiliate affected your career?
    ShaCronz: Travelling and being on the road with them has been an advantage and having to learn about the illusion dat life iz peaches and crčme when its not, rappers and entertainers have more problems than people think.

    Wu-International: Who within the clan would you say you are closest to?
    ShaCronz: Raekwon, RZA, Genius, Ghost and Masta Killa.

    Wu-International: That’s pretty much it, thanks very much for taking the time to answer these questions, any thing else you might want to add that we might have missed? Any last words or shout outs?
    ShaCronz: No thanks for givin me da opportunity to talk to u and da fans, much appreciated.
    We do it for the people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by food for thought View Post
    Interview Date: 10th. March. 2009


    Wu-International: Why has the group never released anything commercially?
    ShaCronz: We have been searchin’ for da rite deal; we have kids and big families you know.

    seems like a good reason to take your time. you know? having responsibilities and all.
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    how can he get production from the wu element's and other general's can't

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    its interesting how he is influenced by pdiddy, master p and jay z and not rza or his dad. apart from jay z the rest dude he called out are wack as hell diddy and master p

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    good read
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    been feeling shacronz for a minute now... his album sounds hype.. rza, allah math, tru master... verses from the entire clan.. almost sounds to good to be true

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    Quote Originally Posted by portis24 View Post
    how can he get production from the wu element's and other general's can't
    ^^ they simply are choosing NOT to. in my book, an inexcusable decision. there is NO reason that general's solos are not filled w/ wu-elements productions. no reason on earth.
    good move on his part to use the wu-elements.

    that decision actually surprises me since he says he's influenced by jigga, puffy, & master P LOLOLOLOL.....). is that a joke? i always liked shacronz a lot, and i thought he spit some viscious, raw shit, so i am beyond shocked to hear him say he's influenced by phony-ass cupcakes like master p & diddy. he's a killa bee & THAT is his influence?!?!?!?!?! i have to assume he's only referring to those 3 as influences from a success standpoint; like he's referring to what they've done in the game. despite what we know about diddy & master p from an artistic standpoint, and as much as we may want to piss in their faces for their so-called "contributions" to our beloved artform, there's no denying that they owned BIG companies & made a TON of $$$$$$. (unfortunately)

    thanks for the post.
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