these are a couple of verses i wrote, tell me what yall think.

I'm da one who be looking for da worms under ur backyard/
not a lawn man ask about me, niggaz act hard, they shit took/
fukin wit a nigga from queens, listen man look/
if they brain's infected wit plankton, they will end up in my hook/
I rhyme wit a greed for more, no satisfaction/
like a wealthy man, who only worries about traction/
TVs and cameras inside of them lights for action/
my flow's malicious like the the thoughts of John Gotti/
and carries the katana that leaves their system bloody/
their flow is weak like da blood of a dead body.


Slow niggas dont catch my rhymes/
I intercept tochdowns for my side/
u didnt know competition so beef, i let it slide/
my complex sentences on the field leaves us with massive friction/
have you irrational thinking like pentagon attack superstion/
blowin up from the body that holds constriction/
ur shit is stressed like niggas reducing from attrition/
they raps old like a technology mission/ immature like puberty/
soft like flowers from cannons, feel my sense of incongruety.