...yeah, big demy told me wu' used to be up in his basement,
heard some were smokin' crack rocks they herbs was laced with
I was just battling to reach them to they faces
I ain't know who I was, I just was on my flave' shit
the m.a.d. scientist until '96 about
like '69? going out my mind schizzin' out?
buck shots gotta' git down, no duckin'
I'm from phila. body bag PA! no country
for old men, do you know then who you'z owe then
I been on my own because I been on my own shit
ay'thing drawing back to the word, Gab
I'm the gift, ay' punchline, niggas heard gaspin'
church volumes one through eight
up in the streets, somebody got 'em pumpin', no brakes
and whoever put phuck philly out on cds
in the end gotta' answer to me, I want manhattan
and I'm the Linc' 2.12.09, check the measurements
on 212, know time tables...