...about 2am, the streets blew up ‘bout the grave of slaves?
the skyline movie ‘bout the days they was afraid would braise
they skin up, my kin up? major waves, save the praise
because I ain’t finished yet...who murdered me? grave mistake
I’m sutr’d up, the truth is up to the wu men, how
the w8men bow and receive me into ‘em, porno styled
the demon in particular I’m ‘bout to have doused and drowned
I’m gods’ sun, so now, this gabriel, word of mouth
the method in danger now, if my method is traced somehow
- stencil shit.
no copyright, my shit is still safe somehow
where the bodies at is in the safe, so, jerusalem
in regards to phila. pa? don’t confuse us with
some euphoric shit, it’s more horrific since you ain’t listening
give me manhattan, the bul cain, since you can’t get with him
2nd and market streets blown to pieces, who’s signaling?
this is just a moment, ’11 o’clock’s a short distance then
I was saying I trump ole’ dirt since I take precedence
I’m here in-the-flesh, and meth’ picked up on the evidence
letting ignorance tho’ define his motive, so, know this
since the “yah’mean” I’ll take it out ya’ ass wut you owe us...
...yo, I’m cummin [the seed]...