...forgive what I give, guess I’m just stressed to live
whether dressed to kill or decked in hand-me-down threads
whatever I seen, tried to present like the gift now
should just make you do like jbm’s motto, get down
follow, what do you not get now, I shit brown
my spit clear, so you hear it from me, you hip now
like what a belt buckle on, you got a grip now?
chairs musical, you won if you can sit down?
don’t know many standing up for me if any
wtc act like it done had enough a’ me
ain’t givin’ up my people, I just swig on the diesal
fuel for me is ether fumes, flow be finding nemo
this is it, a verse pasted in, the dosage lethal
non-believers, who gon’ pray for them, I toured thru evil
piece though..my way a’ saying shit ain’t peace though...