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Thread: VIDEO: Mack Da Maniak - What Goes Up (Remix) ft King Just & Chubb Rock

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    Default King Just - Videos & Random Tracks


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    Don't sleep on this banger, people!
    You want 95/96? Here it is, and with one of SI's best MCs.

    Here's an even older one for y'all (no video though):

    Ed Lover w/ King Just & Todd One & Biggie Smalls - Who's the Man

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    Thats Fucking Real Shitttttttt
    Big Up!

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    Thanks! That's what I was saying. Have never heard the tracks before either, but Sunday I made a playlist of KJ's whole catalogue. So I checked YouTube for the few tracks that I didn't have and found these gems!

    Here's another KJ feature that you probably haven't heard:

    If anybody is interested I can upload some mp3's as well. There's 78 different KJ tracks in my playlist now. Don't know how to make a list though. It's basically all the ones that you can find on the KJ page on http://lyrics.chambermusik.com/ without the four latest features (2x Fes Taylor, 2x Dr. Ama) and maybe with a few more...


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    Although apparently not too many of y'all appreciate the greatness that is King Just, I decided to upload some tracks to this thread from time to time to promote the dude (and some other MCs from the S.I.).

    Here is the first round:

    140 Productions ft KJ - This Is Hip Hop (from Staten Island Stand Up, 2004)

    Cappadonna ft KJ - Struggle with This (from The Struggle, 2003)

    Fes Taylor ft KJ - Stone Gang (from Caffeind, 2008)

    Fes Taylor ft Lon Dini, Hugh Hef, Milla, Pa Bazil, Lot-a-Nerv & KJ (from Taylor Made, 2007)

    KJ - Go N' On 'Em (from Go N' On 'Em, 2003)


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    and here are a few more videos for y'all:

    KJ - Warrior's Drum

    KJ - No Flows On The Rodeo

    Shaolin Soldiers - Park Hill Day 95

    Phil Anastasia ft Dyverse The First, Rahsaan, Lounge Lo, Shyheim, Dr. Ama/DSA, The Last American B-Boy & KJ - The Outfit


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