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Thread: Method Man & Redman ft. Bun B - City Lights

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    cmon man what did yall expect, that they would make an album for the diehard fanbase??? Its redman and method man, these guys have been commercial from the beginning, i mean they were put together by the label! If they want to achieve anything with this lp they have to follow this route..

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    its actually a dopeass song but as usual redman kills MEF

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    Quote Originally Posted by CL2coming View Post
    GODDAMN thats a dope cover

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    Did anyone else think meths verse was wack as fuck?

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    and this track is pretty good im not disappointed at all

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    i dunno i liked mefs verse it was cool,laid back smoked flow not trying too hard like on 8 diagrams and some tracks on 421..i hate it when old mcs are trying too hard to sound young and hungry to me it just comes off desperate..raes smoked low key flow is cool too

    edit:after 2 listens reds verse was pretty weak..mefs lyrics aight bun owns it..the track couldve been better but its ok..im gonnna be banging 2 blackout albums this summer mef&red+kurupt&quik
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    Bacdad i totally disagree. I think meth wasnt trying too hard on 8D, he was just puttin work in and flowing outrageously! I feel like hes much better on RZA beats lately than on these more commercial shits (something i didnt expect to happen).

    When he raps on a 'funnier' note, like redman does all the time, its just not that good. His quick flow/serious style suits him much better in recent years.

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    i dunno everyone on the web keeps hyping meth&u-gods performances on 8d but it just wasnt feeling them..i feel they sound just like theyre trying too much and kinda almost insecure and forced.i like mef more when hes spitting like on this,blow trees(even tho the track wasnt too good)420,ya mean and stuff..and beats like 4:20 suit him perfecty,kinda dark but still bangin.outside the net i dont know nobody that likes meth spitting fast like on some recent stuff.his rhymes have been on point tho

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    This is a really nice track! Looking forward to blackout 2.
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    been ridin dirty since dirty died

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    Lol Bacdad again i disagree. Blow Treez is an ill ass song but again Method man gets totally outshined by Redman, they might ass well left his verse out of there. Lyricly its not impressive at al, same goes for those newer red+meth songs, his shit aint funny/clever

    I dont think his 8d verses were rushed (check out wolves man 4 ril!) and i do know people outside of the net who do feel the same. and yeah 4-20 is dope, but thats meth on a serious tip again

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    what is the point of using autotue for adlibs? really

    autotune sucks, it's one of the worst things that's happened to music in the last 10 years

    (awaits the hate)

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    The only people that would like this song are people who have no idea about the south scene right now.

    This song is dated.

    Im a fan of the south, and I hate this track. Its weak. Not only dated , its wack, and probably wouldnt even make it to a mixtape cut. Everything about it has been done 1000 times already, all the sounds are old, everything.

    This beat wouldnt of even been hot in the south 4 years ago when these sounds were being used.

    And this is one of the weaker Bun B verses in a LONG time. If you listened to him often, you would know this.

    Its like a myspace producers attempt at copying a Jeezy 1st album track LOL

    And I have no idea why WU TANG fans are PRETENDING to like this shit.

    You all are fakes.

    You'd fucking HATE this song if it was made by anyone else than Mef and Red.

    You;d hate it.

    And the fact people are now saying they dont mind the autotune all of a sudden, after hating it for long,..... is just embarassing for you.

    Dickeriders for real.

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    ghostlaced you have no clue what the fuck u talkin bout, none of that shit was soundin like this 4 years ago. And this is just Bun B doing his regular thing aint nuttin special, so dont act like this shit is much weaker than his other shit...

    LOL is meth sayin 'i dropped in 95'??
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