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Thread: John Madden joining NBC as game analyst...

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    Default John Madden joining NBC as game analyst...

    John Madden is joining NBC as a game analyst for the network's newly acquired ``Sunday Night Football,'' a network source told The Associated Press on Wednesday. The network scheduled an afternoon teleconference with Madden to make the announcement that he will join NBC when it begins televising football in the 2006 season, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    Madden has spent the past three seasons teamed with Al Michaels on ABC's now-defunct ``Monday Night Football.''

    Before joining ABC, Madden teamed with Pat Summerall to call Fox's lead game from 1994-2001. They were the top NFL announcing team on CBS for 13 seasons before that.

    Known for his folksy style and his love of football's grit and grime, Madden has won 14 Sports Emmys.

    The former Oakland Raiders coach -- he led them to a win over Minnesota in the 1977 Super Bowl -- has become a pop-culture phenomenon thanks in large part to the popularity of his video game ``Madden NFL Football.'' Since its initial release in 1989, the game has sold more than 43 million copies and become the No. 1 selling sports video game of all time.

    NBC is reportedly paying $600 million for a six-year contract that will allow the network to broadcast the NFL's Sunday night game starting with the 2006 season. The Sunday night game was previously shown on ESPN, which will now televise ``Monday Night Football.''

    NBC also gets two first-round playoff games and the Super Bowl in 2009 and 2012 as part of the deal.
    Damn Madden lol he needs to go back to fox. Fox is the best or he should of went to ESPN.

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    Default Re: John Madden joining NBC as game analyst...

    I HATE Madden, please some out there agree with me. He stummbles over all of his words, he can not operate the damn pen on the screen, and he tells the dumbest stories (do u remember when the cowboy o-line use to see who would sweat the most durning the game; Madde use to go ON and ON about the o-lines sweaty pants as the cameras zoomed in of some 300+ o-linemens ass). He was a great coach and knows his x's and o's, but do i really need john madden to tell me what offsides is during every game.......and then tellestrate what offsides is..........and then tell the poor color comentator about a dumb story about an ex-radier that use to line up offside? I wisha plane would crash into his crusier!!!!!

    P.S= i am going to miss NFL2k so much, but that new Madden look amazing!!!!!!!!
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