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Thread: RZA - Birth Of A Prince

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Infinite View Post
    I personally rate Grits higher than that, & i feel you overrated... The Grunge (found that completely wack IMO), ...

    But in general, spot on. RZA needed to come harder.
    in retrospect, i definitely did overrate it and i should change that....the only thing i like is the sample on it but he didn't even flip it well..

    besides that, like i said the lyrics are nothing...

    Quote Originally Posted by 11th Chamber View Post
    the silencer always comes threw with the top notch reviews.

    cant agree with you on Grits, but regardless, great review
    no doubt......peace!!

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    Let me get this right here.....

    1.Bob N' L
    This tracks opening up with a sample of singing, then the beat comes in, the beat is actually ok and Rza comes ok on this joint, but it's really nothing too special about it, don't get me wrong it's not wack either, but if you look at his other intros this doesn't stand up. 3.5/5

    2.The Grunge
    This where the shit starts, the beat on this joint is hot, I fucks with this joint, the lyrics on here are suspect, but you can tell he's fucking around. I like the beat switch up at the end and then you have the Spanish lady making noise, it's sounds dope. 4.5/5

    3.We Pop
    This is a funny track, the beat is actually aight and Rza's verse is cool, but the guests appearances are what kills it for me, Shacronz is wack on here and Freemurder is even worst on here (That Jersey Line was horrible). This is a song we can definitely do without. 2.5/5

    My cousin actually put me on this song, this is a good song. Hook is cool by Allah Real and Rza just spits real shit about growing up, I can respect that. Masta Killa does a better job with the storytelling on here, he has a great verse. This is a pretty solid track. 4/5

    5.Fast Cars
    I like this track. Hook is dope, Beat by True Master doesn't disappoint and Ghostface is on the track. Rza came cool on this joint, but I think Ghostface stole the spotlight on this joint, he just comes with some ill dartz and has that charisma on here, I love the clan shoutout at the end too. 4.5/5

    This beat is mad right, and Rza flows on this joint right his verses are on point, so many lines on here, I like the second verse better he kind of goes on there "no protools to edit or outdate my producin", this track is a highlight of the album. 4.5/5

    7.You'll Never Know
    The beat on this joint is cool, Rza is cool on here, I think Cilvaringz is on here, I wasn't really feeling his verse like that, nothing against him, I already lost interest before his verse. Average material right here. 3.5/5

    8.Drink, Smoke + Fcuk
    I'm feeling this beat right here for some reason, but I will never play this song all the way through, you can tell he's playing around on here so i'll give him a pass, this is still average material though. 3.5/5

    9.The Whistle
    The beat on this joint is I'll I love the bass on here, Rza opens it up nice and spits some Ill shit, but i think Prodigal Sunn steals this one his verse and flow are very superb very quotable, Masta Killa comes sharp, a nice addition to the track, pretty solid. 4/5

    10.The Drop Off
    The beat on here is nice, Shacronz comes cool on here, I like his verse some hood shit, I'm not feeling the hook on this joint, that kind of kills it for me. You have rza fucking some chick on the track then he spits dartz, he flows nice on here "you a smart motherfucker or a stupid dunce" lol, What really kills it is that "Many Whips, many chips....." that just dropped the score for me. 3.5/5

    11.Wherever I Go
    I don't care what anyone says this beat is fire, Shacronz flows on here, even though his lines are pretty predictable but it's cool though, Rza has short verse about some bullshit, but freemurder Kills it for me on here, wack verses back 2 back, I don't know what else to say about this guy. 3.5/5

    12.Koto Chotan
    I'm not feeling the beat on here at all, by time the beat drops i already hit skip, Rza comes cool on here, we also see a Masta killa Appearance but he's just flowing nothing special, Tash Mohagany on here lol, I'm not even gonna comment. 3/5

    13.A Day To God Is 1,000 Years
    The beat on here is actually good, Rza comes with some ill shit I can't even front on this joint, he goes in on here, pretty solid track. 4/5

    14.Cherry Range
    I'm not really feeling this joint to much, beat is ok nothing really special, Rza is cool, we see a Beretta 9 appearance on here, but this track just doesn't grab my attention. Reminds me of project talk. 3/5

    15.The Birth
    I don't what to say about this joint, this is where Rza starts dropping the information on ya'll cats. Beat is cool, and Rza goes in, but he has done better, this average material though. 3.5/5

    16.See The Joy
    Not feeling this beat at all, I can't even keep this joint on, he does drops some shit if you are able to stay in tuned on here, nice but skippable too. 3.5/5

    Beats - 3.5/5
    Lyrics - 4/5
    Overall - 3.5/5

    I think if this had better beats it would've been cool because lyrically Rza came solid, The first part of the album is pretty good, but after "Wherever I Go" It seems like a long lag and you start to lose interest. ****Overall 3.5/5****

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