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Thread: no limit > cash money easily

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    Dan, good looking out on the UPT.
    I used to go to sleep to the fucking GRIME.
    B.G. went so fuckin hard back then.

    my cashmoney collection
    -400 degreez
    -tha block is hot
    -We got that work
    -Chopper in da Ghetto

    No Limit
    -Ghetto D
    -Tru 2 da game (with 3 missing tracks cause it was burnt poorly and fucking up track order)

    its official, Cashmoney. Cashmoney perfected what No Limit started i feel.

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    Cash Money was way bettwr then No Limit or thats how I feel

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaShaolinAssassin View Post
    Dan, good looking out on the UPT. Cashmoney perfected what No Limit started i feel.
    Feel the same way

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    rap-a-lot over here!!

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    rap a lot shits on both of em so we wont include them in this discussion

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    Rap-A-Lot was the south's version of Def Jam. Rap-A-Lot shits on both of them but I still will take Beats by the Pound over Mannie Fresh anyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prolifical ENG View Post
    My No Limit CD collection:

    Master P - Ghetto D
    Master P - Ghetto D (10th Anniv.)
    Master P - Ghetto Postage
    Master P - 99 Ways to Die
    TRU - tru 2 Da Game
    Mac - Shell Shocked
    Soulja Slim - Give It To Em Raw
    Mr Serv-on - Da Next Level
    Snoop Dogg - Top Dogg
    Snoop Dogg - Da Game is Meant to be Sold, Not Told
    Skull Duggery - These Wicked Streets
    Kane & Abel - The 7 Sins
    Mystikal - Ghetto Fabulous
    Fiend - Theres One in Every Family
    I Got The Hookup Soundtrack
    504 Boyz - Goodfellas

    I can picture you hosting a dinner party at your place sipping expensive whiskeys and cocktails in your over coat and conversing with your guests over your beloved No Limit Cd Collection which resides in a fancy hutch, where touching is 'Off Limits'.

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    he didnt get silk the shockers first joint. that shit was dope. along with kane and abel's debut.
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