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    Why do you respect a pimp? You should respect people who make their money the legal way. There's nothing cool about men pimping women and making money off of them.
    In my opinion, when business is good , bein' a pimp is the best profession a man could have....

    A pimp ain't a criminal or something or a gangsta he's just a pimp....

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    Well i guess i can't be mad at a pimp because if there was no pimps, there wouldn't be any prostitutes LOL. I've been with several prostitutes even though i haven't fucked them but i like getting with them because i got a foot fettish and i like massaging and kissing their feet. I think it's better to be with a prostitute than asking a woman out on a date and trying to get her to be your girlfriend because those type of bitches play games with men and they only want men who are gonna spend a lot of money on them. Fuck those stuck up, materialistic bitches. Escort service girls are prostitutes too and even though i haven't been with them because they charge too much money for intimacy but i think that most of them are attractive and got sexy bodies. I remember one time i called a escort service to see how much they charged for sex and she told me 100 something dollars a hour and she told me that she would send a girl to me instead of me picking a girl that i wanted from her service. I think that's wrong that they won't allow men to pick the girls they wanna be intimate with from their service.

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