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Thread: Big Shug - Who's Hard

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    Default Big Shug - Who's Hard

    anyone got this album yet????? very dope, imo. primo is definitely back, the beats are crazy ( although his shit kinda overshadows the rest of the album ).

    here are some joints off the album:

    Counter Punch (Feat. Guru)

    Bang Em Down

    Sic a Nigguz (Feat. Bumpy Knuckles)

    What's Really Real?

    BTW, does anyone here have the artwork???? i've looked all over 4 it n all i got is this extremely small picture. anyone got a hi-res picture of the artwork????

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    Default Re: Big Shug - Who's Hard

    Man that's ill album, dope lyrics and beatz...i love that album

    i don't have artwork.

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    Default Re: Big Shug - Who's Hard

    shit is bringing me back to 95! damn i knew this shit was gonna be tight when i copped the pre-album, im definitly without a doubt buying this tuesday, kinda reminds me of blahzay blahzay's album-blah blah blah

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    Default Re: Big Shug - Who's Hard

    track 20 whats really real

    that song is great

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    Default Re: Big Shug - Who's Hard

    people r sleeping on this

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    Default Re: Big Shug - Who's Hard

    this drops tomorrow i think, and premier did like half the beats on the album....this should be really good
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