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Thread: 2day My Boi Beat On Some Sk8ter Boi

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBOS
    but you're from canada...

    you would get punched in the face by OG's like me and lust meng

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    One day u gone get shot or beat the fuck up homie an someone gone come on a forum an talk bout how dey whipped ya ass.
    Walk In My Shoes, Hurt Ya Feet, Then Yall Gone Know Why I Do Dirt In The Street.

    "Shorty gimme more a u, ill take on 4 of u, plus 44 of the 48 laws for u"

    "The Future is a mystery, the past is history, today is a
    gift thats why its called the present"

    Um on 7 Mile Ridin fuckin Dirty

    Cass Corridor as well punk


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    Wow...that's the coolest story I've ever heard *sarcasm*. I'm not understanding why you thought we'd care about your boy fucking up some skater. i didn't even know people still grill eachother. If you got a problem, fuck grilling a nigga, just say something faggots. Dumb pointless thread. I'm saying though, did you think we'd prop you or give you rep points for this post? C'mon man....

    The year 2002...the battle still with the WU

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