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Thread: Hardcore music (gabber)

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    Default Hardcore music (gabber)

    usually people likes more house or techno this is the most hard style inside house
    i hope u like this this fucking raves are ill as fuck u need going there and enjoy this music
    there are a lot of good bittches there!!!!

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    Electronic Music is very diverse though, i mean think about it:

    There's house music that ranges from new age disco to club banger instrumentals.

    There's trance that ranges from tripping sack to tripping down staircases.

    There's hardcore thats designed to rape your ears, and some to get your dick hard.

    There's rave that's meant to jam to, then their is rave to fuck a clam to.

    Its as diverse as the artists. I mean Derrick May's House is nothing like Scooters shoddy Jump stylings. You can't compare Infected Mushroom to Armin van Burren, and they're both trance.

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