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Thread: a question u must answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by wera View Post
    I think people like Brother Ali have more variety than most rappers, u.g. or mainstream. Him, Tonedeff, Slug, Blu, Panacea, Sage Francis & Aesop are giving us the most honest raps/music we can hear, I don't know why people hate on them, especially on this board. Being a wutang fan should mean you like variety, right?

    I like Joe Budden, it think what he is doing is something special. The same with Lupe. And again, they are hated too.

    I'm starting to see the patern. Every fan that likes old legends/'legends', like Nas and Mobb Deep, will never accept the new wave of being better rappers. I still think that there were better and more focused albums in this decade as far as hiphop goes.
    yep i love variety in music that is.

    other then hip hop. i love muddy waters, otis reddibg, prince, the beatles, jmaes brown, fela kuti, the gap band, soundgarden etc etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwabena1041 View Post
    you actually bought a nelly album

    yep and the funny thing is i didnt even watch mtv or listen to the radio.

    the radio at my college kept on play ei ei song and i got hooked.

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