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This album for me, was the apex of backpack rap.

This was when backpack rap really was QUALITY music, that was underground because it was underground, not because it was unpopular lazy poorly made music. Theres so much talent packed into one CD. Its like a dream line up that would never happen now. Every single of the 25 tracks is 5/5.

They even mixed it all together with the beatjunkies, that type of thing atention to deatail youd never see now.

I grew up on this album, shit was like a soundtrack for my teenage years.

If youre like me, my age, and you GREW UP on this OG Rawkus shit, it wouldve ruined all present backpack rap for you, because its so clear non of it compares to albums like Black on Both Sides, Like Water for Choc, The FIRST Reflection eternal etc.

You know, just real ass shit.

Not songs just full of rhymes about how wack everything is.

Just real lyrics.

Talking about shit like you talk with your peoples, not wack shit.

And this was back when Hi Tek was still one of the dopest around, not all that Hi-Technology the Chip bullshit. Back when he used to sample.

(the song isnt on youtube, only the fucking instra)


Not forgetting that Em track.
cosign to the fullest

this is a hiphjop classic all day

props for recognizing