What up y'all. I used to be on the Wu lyrics' forum. I'm glad this site is back. I finally decided to register.

Anyway, if u're in ny u probably know about or listen to the nyu college radio hiphop show on wed nights (10:30-1am). Last wed, the 8th, pr terrorist was on there. he said 9th prince just went to jail for 4 yrs and that killa sin should be out in december. he talked about his album coming out but can't quite remember all he said. he was w/ some other cat. they dropped a few verses (average stuff, not real hot). he also mentioned his website, dompachino.com

changing gear, i've been working at my job in nyc for a year now. this past monday, i found out that one of method man's baby mamas works 2 floors above me on the 17th. i just thought that was crazy. i am yet to see her in person. all i know is that she's a light skinned black chick.

and yeah, i'm definitely coppin that streetlife album. can't wait for killa sin to drop.