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Thread: Changing Techniques

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    Default Changing Techniques

    I'm gonna switch my sword up, instead of going for wordplay I'm gonna fuck with punchlines more, a.k.a less big complex words and rhyme schemes to more words with sort of that "OOOOOoooooooo" effect. Na mean. It's a style I rocked with plenty of times before and it seems to hit harder, so I'm switching it up. Just warning yall in advanced.

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    Default Re: Changing Techniques

    so do you plan to drop then?

    You find yourself surrounded by woodland creatures...
    Lighting matches under my hat...Ghost Pirates...
    Frosty mug of rum.....Ol' Los Angelos heroin epidemic,
    i bust slugs that love to figure skate through me,
    we had a merry war turned emcees to cabin boys
    i carved Wu-Tang in his hive, you heard the stabbin
    noise, rawhead rex, snake eater from dungeoun,
    a web of dead bodies in the sewers underground london..

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