C. O .L. - 1 1/2 Against the Grain - coming in May hosted by J-Ronin
and mixed by DJ Snips

Download the exclusive track here
C .O .L. - Invasion prod. by DJ Green Lantern

also in cased you missed it

C. O .L. - BK Thorobredz ft. Gravy -
http://www.zshare.net/audio/5425488058af28fb/ (Shout out to DJ Rhude
for putting it on Block Muzik 15)

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BIO on C. O .L.

C. O. L. is that artist who constantly stands out above the rest. He
is a take it or leave it type of artist when it comes to his music.
Coming from Brooklyn N.Y., only makes this a perfect match. Lyrically
he is one of the very few emcees that can go in the vocal booth and
record songs off the top of his head. It was something I realized I
could do at a young age, he explains. Once I started to focus on that
skill I became real nice with it. Born and raised in Brooklyn, C has
always had definitive love and respect for hip hop and the emcees
coming from his beloved boro. C pays homage to all rappers but he
credits Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Notorious BIG, M.O.P. and Jay-Z for
keeping that Brooklyn vibe going. C.O.L. himself has been looked upon
as one of next artists to keep that vibe going. Coming up as a
competitive emcee and show man, C.O.L. has performed in several clubs
across the New York tri-state area as well as Philly, Washington D.C.,
Atlanta and California. Im no stranger to the stage he says. When I
get on stage, I go full mode. I ve done shows everywhere from Speed ,
Demeraras, Pyramid, The Shadow, Downtime to 112 down in Atlanta. There
isnt any place I wont rock. Furthermore, C.O.L. has been a
recognizable force in the underground scene. From music production to
battling and defeating opponents, to spitting fire verses on several
mixtapes, his skills are undisputable. Regimen Entertainment was
founded in 1998 by C.O.L., who is a multi talented artist. He can
write, produce and perform his own material. He has also released two
solo albums and one collaborative EP. Each musical effort was and is
still very well received. C.O.L. is currently working on his third
solo album. Shouts to my people who ride with C.O.L. , Regimen
Entertainment and The whole Movement.

For more info on C.O.L. go to http://www.myspace.com/regimen1