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Yeah, and other parts too. But like Prof. Rino said, people like Soulja Boi aren't getting any play here LOL, also the last three Wu albums sold more in Europe than in the US, and so on. I ain't saying there isn't bullshit coming from Europe [*kreh*Cilva*kreh* [well at least he's a dope producer]], I just don't like how the market turns, how some dope mainstream artists don't have control over their projects [Jadakiss for instance], ...

I know how Europe does it, and how the US does it, but everyone from the US should just shut the fuck up when it comes to Europe. I guess some of y'all never heard The Streets, IAM and artists like that, because in Europe, dope motherfuckers like that ARE MAINSTREAM.

I say eat yourself alive.
true, true.... we, europeans have opportunity to listen rap from various countries, and you guys don't.

french h-h, for example>>>>USA h-h

and mega lol @ Finesse Da God and other Marsians.

i wanna learn UFO techniques too.