I saw this dvd on Rapmusic.com yesterday and i will be checking for it when it comes out. The documentary has rappers talking about how shady record companies are and how record companies have been killing rap music the last few years. 50 Cent and a few other rappers are on the cover of the dvd. I like to hear rappers talk about the business side of the record industry because you get to hear their opinions about how these record companies operate and you hear how the artists get taken advantage of financially. Dr Dre, Fatlip of The Pharcyde, Wyclef Jean, Ras Kass spoke about record companies in rap documentary Rhyme And Reason movie and their opinions were very good. Wyclef gave a very good description of how record companies take advantage of the artists when he said the record companies build up the artists like their Superman and he said when you find out how much money you're getting, you end up being garbageman hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.